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Monday, April 14, 2014

Our 15th Week ~ 2014

Our 15th week was interesting {ahem}.  The weather has been getting nicer and nicer so on Sunday after church, we loaded up the bikes and went for a ride on the trail.  Except for Nick who stayed home because he wasn't feeling great.  And his bike "sucks" (from leaving it out in the weather).  Nick ended up missing school Monday and Tuesday because he was sick.  He doesn't have the mumps, which we already knew (if you will remember from last week, one side of his face was swollen so they tested him), but he did end up with a cold and a sore throat and cough.

Alex was complaining that his ear was hurting on Monday morning - not inside like an earache, but outside.  I checked it over and didn't see anything so off to school he went.  He didn't have a fever or anything, so I figured he wanted to stay home because his brother was staying home.  He went to the nurse a couple times.  She called me and we talked about the situation.  She checked his ear and didn't see anything either.  Monday night, shortly after he went to bed, he came back down and told me he had some dirt in his ear that he couldn't get out.  Upon closer inspection I discovered that it was actually a tick.  Tucked down in the corner.  (see the below picture)  It wasn't engorged or anything, so I figured he got it Sunday on the bike trail.

(Photo courtesy of bigstockphoto - I added the arrow)

He freaked out a little and then cried great big crocodile tears while I removed it, which wasn't an easy feat considering where it was located.  Even though I tried to distract him by letting him play on the Kindle while I did it.  :)  His ear was still red and swollen Tuesday morning so I called the doctor to see what they thought I should do.  The nurse suggested I have him checked just as a precaution, so I took him in that afternoon.  The test for Lyme's can't be done until 10-14 days after a bite, so he got put on an antibiotic to help with the infection/swelling.  He wasn't crazy about having to take medicine until he tasted the pink stuff.  Apparently it tastes pretty good because he reminds me when it is time to take his medicine.  :)  Within about 36 hours the swelling and redness went away and he is feeling fine now.  He would like to get the blood work over with though and asks me every day when we are going to get it done.  Even with all those needles poking him while we are in the hospital for his appendicitis in 2012, he is still nervous about it.

Anyway, things pretty much got back to normal by the end of the week.  I got to run outside a couple times thanks to the gorgeous weather we had.  Had lunch with a friend on Friday.  Slept in Saturday morning - the first time in a long time!  Went to the symphony with Doug Saturday night.  The last concert of the season.  And it was fabulous!  The special guest was a 14 year old violinist who was incredible!  I really wanted Keira to go with us, but she opted to go to a youth group activity.  My in-laws came in to hang out with the boys.  I didn't realize how long it had been since we last saw them.  

I am still participating in Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge for April.  I am really enjoying it.  It gives me a reason to pick up my camera every day.  And challenges me to get creative, which is something I need right now.  Here are a few pictures from my week that didn't already get posted in Sunday's Scavenger Hunt ...

I took my camera and macro lens with me on our bike ride on Sunday.  Just in case I saw any flowers along the trail.  As you can tell, I did.  Though this is probably actually a weed.  Still, tiny yellow flowers among all the brown was a welcomed sight!

Tuesday's prompt was hobby.  I had Keira help me with taking this picture because I was too lazy to set up the tripod.  Plus I did a lot of running with taking Alex to the doctor and then trying to find where his prescription was and was running out of time.  (They called it into the wrong place but we eventually found it.)  Keira actually made this scarf for my mom but didn't know how to finish it off, so I did it for her.  Go Black and Gold!

Wednesday's prompt was dark.  I ended up using a different picture for that because I didn't like the background of this one.  We will need to try this again sometime.

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you may have already seen this one.  Friday's prompt was 3 of a kind.  I had this idea in my head and Keira was nice enough to help me make it work.  I took three pictures of her, each in a different position, then made them into one.  Don't ask me how I did it because it took a lot of playing around in Photoshop and I'm not sure I remember exactly how.  :)  It isn't perfect but I still like how it turned out.  Cool and creepy at the same time.

So that was my week in a nutshell.  I hope you had a great one!  We had 80 degree weather yesterday and are supposed to get snow tomorrow.  Ugh.  But it won't stick around because it is supposed to get warm again by Thursday.  Hoping the clouds clear out so I can see the "blood moon" lunar eclipse that we are supposed to have happen tonight.  I guess I will have three more chances between now and September 2015 though.  I love stuff like that!

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 04.13.14

First of all I need to say Happy Birthday to my Nick!  He turned 11 years old at 1:45 a.m. today.


Second, spring is here!  The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous!  We will have a little hiccup on Tuesday if the weather folks are correct (they said that four letter word that we have had enough of!), but we should get right back to warm temps and sunny skies.  The grass is turning green again, flowers are popping up, and folks are just in better moods overall.  I love it!

Anyway, here are my finds for this week's Scavenger Hunt ...

Honey, our Golden Retriever, would want you to believe she is neglected.  So you would pay more attention to her.  But the truth is - she is spoiled rotten.  :)

{signs of spring}
signs of spring
We are finally seeing signs of spring everywhere!  Yay!

{last thing I bought}
last thing you bought
I bought some tulips from a friend's son for a fundraiser.  They were delivered this week and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Okay, so I didn't take a shadow photo this week.  However, who can pass up a pretty sunset?

{four things}
four things
Last fall I dug up the jungle that once was my flower bed.  Seriously, it was out of control.  However, I couldn't find my spring flowers because, well, they are spring flowers.  So I waited until they popped out of the ground and dug them up this week.  I placed them into these four paint cans that I had purchased many years ago with the intent of doing something crafty with them.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to visit Ashley for more great Scavenger Hunt finds!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Our 14th Week ~ 2014

I'm so excited that April is here!  April means more sunshine, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and the world waking from its slumber.

This week was kind of crazy.  Keira stayed home from school again on Monday because she still wasn't feeling well.  Nick came home from school on Wednesday with the whole right side of his face swollen, so we scurried right down to the doctor.  We were only scheduled to see Vanessa, the PA, but our doctor ended up coming in to help solve the mystery.  She ended up ordering blood work to check for mumps and mono.  I guess mumps is going around and since we don't immunize, they wanted to be sure.  (I'm not telling you this so you will lecture me about shots.  I did my research and made an educated decision.  End of discussion.)  I wasn't concerned about him having mumps.  If he did, great.  We'd just get them out of the way and he would be immune for life.

Anyway, I checked the symptoms of mumps when I got home and the only one that Nick had was the swelling.  No fever, no loss of appetite (ha! like that would ever happen!), nothing.  And only one side of his face was swollen.  So our doc thought it might be a clogged salivary gland.  Weird.  He had to miss school on Thursday which made him mad because he had a perfect attendance record this year.  By Thursday evening the swelling was completely gone and we hadn't heard anything from the doctor's office (I had called them to check), so Friday he went to school.  He just didn't see any reason to miss another day.  (Don't most kids like to stay home from school?)  :)  It is Monday night and we still haven't heard anything, so I'm assuming his blood work all came back normal.  I will call tomorrow just to make sure.

We had Family Fun Night at school Thursday night.  The science center came and set up stations for the kids to play at while they learned.  It was fun.

I started participating in Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge for April, so I picked up my camera every day.  I have no desire to do another P365, but I can do a photo a day for a month.

Here are some of the pics I took this week (that I didn't already share in Sunday's Scavenger Hunt post).

I shared this on Facebook, but I also have to share it here.  Alex was baptized on Sunday and was so excited.  I took pictures but I wish I would have had Keira record it also.  He was just so stinkin' adorable!

A random shot of the new ironing board cover I bought recently.  My old one was falling apart.  I'm not sure when this one will get used since I hate to iron.  :)

I splurged and bought myself a new tablet - a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.  It is pretty cool.  I'm still figuring it out, but so far I like it a lot.  (I took this photo for April 2nd's prompt "in my hand").

I love getting photo books from My Publisher because when you open the box, this is what you see.  Ta-Da!  :)

Nick is excited because he will be getting my old Kindle Fire for his birthday.  He and Alex have been "practicing" on it for a few days now.  :)

The boys did well at their Bible Quizzing Invitational on Saturday.  Nick only missed two questions and got Gold; Alex got Bronze.  Nick is giving me his "I hate having my picture taken" face in this photo.

A woodpecker that visited our maple tree.  I haven't taken any bird photos in a while.  Mostly because I haven't had the time to sit and be patient for a good shot.  :)

So that was our week.  I hope you had a great one!

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 04.06.14

Happy April!  Spring has officially arrived!  Flowers are starting to spring up in my flower beds and the temps are gradually warming up.  Except for Saturday when it snowed (just flurries) and was rather chilly.  :)  I'd probably be lying if I said that will be the last snow we see this spring.  Though I am hoping.

Anyway, on to this week's Scavenger Hunt ...

A macro shot of something in our home.  Can you guess what it is?

I told Alex I needed a photo of wheels so he asked me to photograph his newest toy car.

I bought some Jelly BeadZ a while back and never did anything with them until this week.  I put them in water so they could expand, which is their main purpose.  The kids had a blast playing with them.  And they are pretty shiny.

We experienced all sorts of weather this week.  Snow on Sunday; a thunderstorm and lots of rain on Thursday and Friday; and some sunshine in between.

{favorite sport}
favorite sport
This one of from the archives.  Alex's favorite sport is soccer.  This is from last year after he got his award.

That's all from me!  Be sure to pay a visit to Ashley to see more great Scavenger Hunt photos!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mixed bouquet

My sweet husband brought home a bouquet of mixed flowers the other day.  He knows how much I love to have fresh flowers around the house.  It was such an interesting arrangement that my macro lens and I spent some time investigating all the different blooms.  It was great to have something colorful to photograph!

Some kind of mum? ...

and daisies ...

and these really cool purple and white flowers...

a different angle - with a little texture added just for fun ...

and last, but certainly not least, calla lilies.  These hold a special place in my heart because the bulk of my wedding bouquet was made up of calla lilies.  
Love them!

Since none of my outdoor flowers are blooming yet (though they are popping up out of the ground thanks to the sunshine and warmer temps we've been having - yay!), I'll enjoy these flowers as long as they will last.

Little by Little

Monday, March 31, 2014

Our 13th Week ~ 2014

Apparently I fell of the face of the blogging earth last week.  :)  After my weekly summary post ... nothing.  Not even a Scavenger Hunt post.  I had some deadlines to meet and was working diligently most of the time.  I attended an incredible ladies' retreat Friday and Saturday, so I needed to be done with my work so I could go without feeling guilty.  :)

Alex was sick Monday and Tuesday, then Keira was sick Thursday and Friday.  I was hosting a craft day at my church on Monday and two minutes after walking in the door, the school nurse called me to come get Alex because he had a low grade temp.  :(  I picked him up, stopped at home for his sleeping bag, bean bag chair, and some comfy clothes, then went back to the church for the day.  He did really well, watching movies or coloring.  I barely knew he was there.  And I only felt slightly guilty for making him come with me.  :)  He didn't complain once though.  I missed Bible study Tuesday morning because he was still not feeling well.  But by the time Keira and Nick got home, he was raring to go.  

The ladies' retreat was absolutely wonderful!  Kirsten Hart was the main speaker.  I loved her!  Friday night she had us laughing so hard, my face hurt.  She did have a message hidden in there though.  The worship music was truly annointed.  The presence of our Almighty God was definitely there.  I almost didn't want it to end.  I say almost because by Saturday afternoon, I was tired of sitting so much.  :)

I didn't pick up my camera much at all last week.  I would really love to have a phone that took decent pictures because I would take more pictures of the ordinary things that we see or do every day.  Sometimes it is just too much effort to go get the camera.  {sigh}

Anyway, here are the few shots that I did take ...

The nerdy part of me is super excited that I finally remembered to buy refills for my label maker.  Now I can throw away those sticky notes that have been used as a replacement.  Let the label making commence!  :)

DSC_6242     DSC_6243
I heard the boys upstairs playing super loud and went up to investigate.  I found them reenacting a scene from the movie Rocky.  Nick was using Alex's Yoda slippers as boxing gloves.  Oy!

I took this to use in the Scavenger Hunt which I ended up not participating in.  This snowman snow globe has been on a shelf in my office and it is time to put him away.  Enough with the snow!  I want spring!  :)

Here's hoping I find motivation and inspiration to take pictures this week!  I'm going to try to do Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge, so ...

See you next week!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our 12th Week ~ 2014

Last week went by pretty quickly.  Sunday and Monday I recorded Keira and a classmate doing a presentation for science.  (That seems like so long ago now.)  Tuesday we had Bible study as usual in the morning, then in the evening Keira and I met with friends to get some cyber schooling information.  Keira had asked if we could look into the possibility.  Wednesday Honey went to the groomer for a couple hours.  She's always so soft and pretty when she comes home even though she's a nervous wreck while she's there.  

Thursday Keira and I had our vision checked.  I was way overdue for an exam and she had been complaining of not being able to read the blackboard at school.  Friday I got my hair cut.  Just a trim.  Not donating yet.  It was also Doug's birthday, but we didn't really plan anything since he had come home from work early on Monday and stayed home Tuesday because he was sick.  We did manage to get rid of the kids for a few hours and watch a movie - Captain Phillips.  Good movie.  You should watch it if you haven't already. 

Saturday was Alex's soccer game but he was really misbehaving on Friday night at the sitter's, so we didn't go.  He has spent quite a bit of time in his room since then.  Keira and I went to a bridal shower for one of the young women in our church Saturday afternoon.  It was a nice time.  Kudos to the ladies that planned it.  It went pretty quickly, despite all the gifts she got!  Then we ran in to pick up Keira's glasses that were ready already.  Mine aren't ready yet. 

Anyway, onto some of the pics I took last week ...

Keira doesn't usually wear green but she made an exception for St. Patrick's Day.  I had bought some green items for Wednesday's class at church.  The topic was about being green with envy like Joseph's brothers were with him.

I hadn't captured the moon in a while, so I gave it a go the other night.  This photo isn't as sharp as I would like.  I will have to work on that.

The calendar may say it is spring, but the weather says otherwise.  It has still been pretty cold with a nice day thrown in here and there just to tease us.  I decided to go buy some tulips to brighten things up a bit.  They make me smile every time I look at them.

Honey loves a good belly rub from Daddy.  :)

Our Frozen DVD/Blu-Ray came Tuesday morning.  Even though it didn't ship until late Monday afternoon.  Gotta love Amazon Prime.  :)  I've had several songs from the movie stuck in my head all week now.

Some of the other photos I took last week, I already showed in Sunday's Scavenger Hunt post.  Like Keira with her violin and with her new glasses.  Go check them out if you have a minute.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a great week!

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