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Monday, September 28, 2009

Butler County Farm Tour

I was telling my friend, Laura, about the 2009 Butler County Farm Tour which is happening this Saturday. We're planning to go (hope the weather cooperates!). Actually we (my family) go every year - it has become a tradition. This is their 12th year; we've been going since 2001, which I guess would have been year #4.

Every year there are different farms in Butler County to visit. (Check out http://www.visitbutlercounty.com/ for information.) Some years have been better than others. The first year we went was the best yet, maybe because we only had one child to keep track of (the boys weren't born yet) or maybe because we didn't know what to expect. Plus Keira got her picture in the Butler Eagle that year at the ripe old age of 3, which was really cool. I think my first picture in the newspaper was my engagement announcement. :) Anyway, I thought I'd share a few pics from 2008's farm tour. Enjoy!

Keira posing in the pumpkins.

Alex trying his hardest to pick up a big pumpkin.

Keira and Alex playing on the pint-sized John Deere tractors. Fun!

Yes, that is actually me! I gave Keira the camera to photograph me to show that I was actually there! Even though she cut off my head, it is still pretty good for a 10 year old. We were on a hay ride.

Nicholas riding a "horse" in the kids' play area. I think he's checking to see if there is any mail.
So if you have nothing else to do and are in the Butler area this Saturday, maybe we'll see you at the farm tour!
Until next time ... God bless!

1 comment:

LAURA said...

I am so excited for this! I too hope the weather is good because I think the kids will love seeing the animals!