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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Swim classes

Swim classes at the YMCA - my kids love them. Me ... not so much! We hurry, hurry, hurry to get homework, reading, violin practice, etc. done, so we're not late. Then there is nowhere to park - I guess everyone else takes classes on Tuesday nights also. So we finally find a spot to park, rush into the building (it was raining after all), and get checked in.

Nick swims first, Keira goes to the Family and Youth Center (I invite her to stay with me and she says, "No thanks." Makes a mom feel good - NOT!), so I sit reading and watching Nick swim. I could go exercise in the fitness center, but I took aerobics in the morning and I would like to be able to walk tomorrow :) so I sit and read.

I'm actually reading a good book. It is one of Keira's books, called The Reptile Room from A Series of Unfortunate Events. I read the first one because I like to know what my kids are reading, and now I'm hooked. I need to find out what happens. So I'm on book #2.

Anyway, I got off topic. Nicholas has come a long way from his first swim class. He used to reeeeally not like the water. After his very first class, he swore he wasn't doing that again. I convinced him to finish out the session (5 more classes), so he did. By class #3 he didn't want to get OUT of the water! However, he didn't like to get his face wet, he hated jumping in, and he could barely swim the length of the pool with a 4 bubble on. Now he uses a 1 bubble and has found his competitive edge (he likes to race the other kids - it is really quite amusing). And he LOVES to jump in. He yells CANONBALL! every time. He still must drink about 2 gallons of water though because he never closes his mouth the whole time (even with several reminders from me).

When Nick is done swimming, it is Keira's turn. She has really advanced through the ranks these past 15 months. Now she is in Flying Fish, which is great, except there is only 1 FF class to choose from ... Tuesday's at 6:15. 6:15! That is dinner time in my house! So we leave the house around 5:10 and we don't get home until 7:15-7:30! Thank heavens for crock pots! We're all starving when we get home!

So we're eating at 7:30, quick baths/showers for Nick and Keira and then it is bedtime. Yikes! No time to read, play a game, hang out. I've considered the possibilities - no swim classes at all or schedule Nick's class another night. But I like the idea of getting it all done in one evening. So for now we'll continue.
Thanks for listening (or reading rather). Until next time ... God bless!

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LAURA said...

Yep... get it done all in one night. The other option would be to cut out the lessons... but swimming is such an important skill! (Former lifeguard here.) Or I guess the other other option would be to wait and do it in the summer.