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Sunday, October 4, 2009

2009 Farm Tour

Okay, so I was telling you about the farm tour we were going to attend on Saturday. Well, the weather cooperated, thankfully! And we had a good time. We only visited 2 of the 4 farms. Doug had to work afternoon shift so we were short on time and we didn't think the kids would enjoy the meat market and the winery anyway. Here are a few pics from our visit ...

Nick feeding corn to the cows.

Keira, Alex, and Doug checking out the chickens.

Keira telling me to stop taking pictures. Really! Like that's ever going to happen!

Nick playing with the dog that apparently lives at the farm. Why do dogs like to chew on him?

Nick hanging out with the hundreds of turkeys that they raise and sell.

Alex trying out the kid-sized tractor.

While we were in the building with the little tractor a barn swallow flew in. It attempted to get out twice by flying into (and bouncing off of) a nearby window. It fell onto the floor behind a table (stunned but not dead thankfully). One of the ladies that was volunteering also saw it happen and was nice enough to rescue it. She said it flew right out of her hand when she took it outside. We were glad to hear that!

We also visited an equestrian farm, but I didn't take any pics there. The kids got to pet a few horses that were in their stables and watch some riders training their horses. We also watched a horse getting a massage (who knew?!).

Looking forward to next year's farm tour. Until next time ... God bless!


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