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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Drum role please ...

Okay, so I realize that no one else out there in the world is going to be nearly as excited as I am about my house having siding after waaaaay too many years, but I'm going to share anyway (because I can!). I'm even missing Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice in order to post this, so you know I'm excited! (No worries though, I'm recording both on my DVR :)).
The front of my house before siding ...

The back before siding ...

The left side before siding ...

The right side before siding ...

Now after 3 full days of hammering ... Ta da! (as my 3YO would say!)

The front with siding!!!

The back with siding!!!

The left side with siding!!! (Please excuse the trash cans on the porch. Doug picked up walnuts today while cleaning up the yard so he could mow and he didn't want to move them for my photo shoot. He said they were way too heavy (yes, the large black trash can is about 2/3 full of walnuts!).

The right side with siding!!! (You can see the one dormer is incomplete. They ran out of scallops because of the way you have cut them, so there are more on order and they will be back in 1-2 weeks to finish those 3 rows.)

A close-up of one dormer so you can see the cool scallops that Doug picked out.

He actually wanted the dormers to be the same color (or as close as possible) as the roof. However, the color we picked out was not available in the scallops (drat!). I didn't care for the other options, so we just went with the same color as the siding.

My pictures don't really do the job justice though. The color is much nicer in person.

I told my kids we might actually string Christmas lights on the house this year, since I won't mind drawing attention to it now. :)

Thanks for stopping by to see my excitement for the week! Until next time ... God bless!


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LAURA said...

It looks GREAT Kim!!!