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Sunday, October 4, 2009

HUGE pumpkins!!!

Some years our garden does great, other years ... well, not so great. This year the zucchini and corn were a-plentiful (that is a gross understatement actually ~ we had WAAAAAAY more than we knew what to do with).
This year we decided to plant pumpkins and see what happened. And we got a few really big pumpkins. They aren't prize-winning, perfectly-shaped or anything, but the kids are happy with them.

This picture shows the biggest one on the left (next to some smaller ones we also managed to grow) and a couple of the other big ones. Doug says the biggest pumpkin weighs over 100 pounds (he didn't weigh it ~ he is just guessing by lifting it up onto the porch). The small ones beside it weigh about 2-4 pounds.

Alex sitting on the BIG pumpkin. Alex is about 4 feet tall, so you get an idea of the size of it. HUGE!

Nicholas posing with 2 of the smaller pumpkins. Still pretty big though!

They brought them over to the porch from the garden in the kids' wagon. Funny!

Well, that's all the excitement for today (so far anyway)! Thanks for stopping by! Until next time ... God bless!


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