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Friday, October 2, 2009

I am NOT wrong! (this time anyway)

My daughter had her yearly doctor checkup today. Yesterday when they called to confirm, the secretary said, "just calling to confirm Keira's appointment tomorrow with Dr. X at 9:15".

Me: "No, her appointment is at 10:15, not 9:15.

Sec: "We have her scheduled for 9:15."

Me: "My calendar says 10:15. But I guess we'll see you at 9:15." Grrr!

I hung up the phone thinking what the heck! I DO NOT write down the wrong times for appointments! I know her appointment was for 10:15. Now, 9:15, at that point, wasn't such a big deal. Doug would be home in the morning to get Nick on the bus and watch Alex, so no biggie. Until I talk to Doug and he tells me he has to work until 3:00 a.m. because the guy that was supposed to come in for the midnight shift is sick. Crap! Now what?! I can't take Nick to school any earlier than 8:45, but I need to leave by 8:30 or so because of school buses and road construction (giving myself extra time - it is normally a 30 minute drive).

So plan B ... I'll take Alex with us to the doctor (not always a pleasant experience - not that he is bad, just curious about everything). Doug will get up long enough to get Nick on the bus and then he can go back to bed for few hours before he has to go back out to work tonight. No big deal, right? WRONG!

This is the second time this has happened! Back in February when Alex had his yearly exam, they did the same thing. His appointment was scheduled for 11:15 - that way I could go to my PALMS meeting (preschooler's group), to which I was bringing the snack, then we would leave early to go to his appointment. Well, they call to confirm the day before and tell me that his appointment was at 9:45. 9:45?! What?! The PALMS meeting starts at 9:30! I DID NOT write down the wrong time. I mean 9:45 and 11:15 aren't even close to the same time! How can they just back up the appointment by an hour and a half without asking me first?! So I had to scramble to get my snack to the meeting early, then leave (miss the ENTIRE meeting) to get to his appointment. I was angry! I told Dr. X and the staff about it back in February - they didn't really have an explanation. I forgot to tell them about it today, but as you can tell, it burns me. :)

So, this time was strike two. The next time I make appointments for my kids, I will do it in person and have them write the time down on a reminder card, so I have proof. Because right now, it is my word against theirs. But if they do it again, strike three ... I will find another doctor, which sucks because I really like the doctors/physician's assistant/nurses (most of them anyway) there. I've been going there for probably 15 years. My kids know no other doctors.

Now that I have vented, I feel better. :)


1 comment:

Kathryn said...

Good...venting is good. You need to make a (gentle) stink about this the next time you make an appt. Say "Okay....are you SURE?? 'Cause I've had some pretty serious differences between your times and mine!"...
make 'em OWN it.
You deserve at least that!