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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Monday I stopped up at my kids' school to check on some PTO things. While there the Principal told me I might want to stop down and talk to Nick's teacher because there was "an incident at lunch today." Great. So Alex and I walk down the hall but his teacher was busy ... um, teaching. I popped my head back into the office and told the secretary that Nick's teacher could just call me. The phone rings at 3:45 - caller ID says "Unknown Caller" which tells me that it is the school calling. I don't know why they always come up unknown, but they do.

Anywho, Nick's teacher proceeds to tell me that Nick put his middle finger up at one of the lunch ladies during lunch. Yup, he flipped her the bird. Yikes! She (the lunch lady) disciplined him, of course, and told his teacher and the Principal. His teacher said she talked to Nick about it and he said he saw someone do it at recess one day and didn't know what it meant. Yoy! He's in first grade for Pete's sake! Why are first graders using the middle finger?! It's not like we live in a big city where you might see that kind of stuff!

So Nicholas and I sit down to discuss the situation. He didn't realize what it meant, so we talked about that and why you should never make that gesture even if you are joking. He was truly remorseful and kept hugging me and telling me he was sorry. I told him that I wouldn't punish him this time, but if it happens again, he will be punished ... severely. (I'm not sure what punishment I will give ... I just wanted to scare him a little. :) )

Today I'm checking out www.iQuestions.com and they have a video on this very subject. Turns out I did right! According to them anyway. I am finding a lot of great information on this website regarding parenting. There are other subjects there also ... Marriage & Relationships, Healthy Living, Money, Career, and Faith ... so even if you don't have kids, you can still benefit from their knowledge.

When I don't have another parent to turn to who has been through something similar, I turn to the internet. Almost always I can find an answer. Whether it is from a great website like this or someone's blog.

So check out www.iQuestion.com. I hope you can find help there as I often have. And if you have a blog, please keep blogging. You never know who might need to read what you have to "say".

The bus has just arrived! Until next time ... God bless!

1 comment:

LAURA said...

I definitely think you handled the situation well and I am going to catalog it in my brain somewhere for when my kids get caught doing something like that!