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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photo shoot with Laura

My friend, Laura, called me this afternoon and invited me to go on a photo shoot with her. We will be taking a photography class together in November from Big Picture Scrapbooking called "Get Great Photos with Any Camera" and we have a homework assignment to do before class begins in November. We need to take photos of the following:
1. Someone you love
2. Two people you love
3. Your favorite food
4. A flower, tree or plant in your yard or nearby park
5. A landscape picture
6. A person or pet in action (i.e. a child riding a bike, someone running, etc.)
7. A candid photo (try not to let your subject know you’re photographing them!)
8. A self-portrait (you can hold the camera out in front of you, take a photo of yourself in the mirror, or use a self-timer.)
9. A favorite object in your home
10. A group portrait.

So we thought we'd get a little practice in and get some of the photos we need for class at the same time.

Here are a few of the pics I shot.
Landscape unedited

I use Picasa to organize my photos and I don't usually do much editing. Maybe just red-eye and auto contrast. Occasionally converting to black and white or sepia. But tonight I discovered Saturation. I love it! The not-so-colorful fall leaves turn vibrant with a little saturation (see below)!
Landscape edited
Leaves unedited Leaves edited (increased saturation)

Keira unedited Keira edited (auto contrast, increased saturation, and slight soft focus)

Keira was funny. She was getting tired of being photographed. What did she expect coming along on our photo shoot? I was glad to get some shots of her because I take way more photos of Alex than of Keira or Nick. They are in school all day and Alex and I are home together. Once they get home, it is homework, then dinner, then baths/showers, then bedtime. Not much time for photos it seems.

Anyway, I got off topic ... Laura is a really great photographer. Hopefully she'll post a few of her pics on her blog so you can see what I mean. She is going to come out one day when we can get ourselves together and take some family photos. We are in dire need of a good recent family photo.

Until next time ... God bless!



LAURA said...

I LOVE the pic of Kiera!! And I definitely like the editing you did with it. That can be the pic of one person for class. :) I need to sort through some of my pics and see what I have and don't have. Maybe I will get the tripod out this afternoon while the kids are napping and try to get a self portrait. I hate self portraits. Grr.

I'll post some pics hopefully sometime today. Spending another one at home trying to get everyone better. Another Grrr.

Kathryn said...

Kiera's adorable....what a cutie! That photo saturation is incredible...makes everything look like the sun's suddenly shining down on it. Thanks for sharing with us!

Kimberly said...

I hate self portraits too! I saw the pics you posted on your blog - they turned out great!

Awww, thanks! She's my girl! I don't know why I didn't play around with saturation before! It is awesome!