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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Awarding Awesome Authors

Keira and I spent Saturday morning at Grove City College at an awards ceremony. Keira wrote a story for the Awarding Awesome Authors contest and won for her grade/classroom. They chose the best from each classroom per school, so Keira's friend, Sara, also won. They were the only two kids from Keira's school there.

Mrs. Spence, Sara's homeroom teacher, sat with me. I'm not sure why, but I was a little nervous about that. I don't really know her, since she only teaches Keira science, but it all worked out. She was very nice. It is great that she took time out of her busy weekend to be there. Keira's teacher had a birthday party and a baby shower to attend, so she was unable to come. But she wrote Keira a very encouraging letter that Mrs. Spence gave her.

The ceremony was for fourth and fifth graders only, but there were quite a few kids there! They got called up on stage to accept their awards.

Keira accepting her award. They got a certificate, a bound book with all the winning stories in it, and a few other goodies (Scholastic book, pencil, bookmark, etc.).

The group of fifth graders. Yes, this is only the fifth grade group! And a few didn't come to the ceremony. It was a tight fit up on the stage.

I took my 55-200 zoom lens since I didn't know how close I would be sitting. I'm glad I did!

Sara and Keira.

The group of winners from Keira's school district. They took the kids out into the hallway to get their group pictures. Keira checking out the book she received.

After the awards ceremony, they broke the kids up into groups and we went to a smaller conference room where each child read their story to the group. Their were some really great stories! This is Keira reading her story. She looks so grown up to me in this pic.

After the group reading, we had refreshments. I think Keira ate 5 cookies!

Then, since it was lunchtime and I was hungry (I did not eat 5 cookies!), I decided to swing through Slippery Rock on the way home and eat at Bob's Subs. I love, love, LOVE Bob's Subs. But I don't eat there often because it is in SR. And because their subs are not exactly healthy for you. :) But it is good eats and it is cheap!

When we got there, the sign read that they only accept cash and I didn't have any (just my debit card) so we walked over to Sheetz to the MAC machine. When we got back, there was a girl's basketball team in front of us! Like 20+ girls! So we stood and waited to order for 20 minutes or so. Then we waited another 20 minutes for our subs to be ready. But it was so worth it! They are that good!

Anyway, sorry I got off topic!

After lunch we did a little shopping. Keira needed a new winter coat since she won't stop growing. And I wanted to get everyone coordinating shirts for our family photo session that Laura will be doing for us ... hopefully next weekend.

It turned out to be a good day. Keira and I don't often get to do things together ... just the two of us. She really enjoyed our day.

And she is already thinking of story ideas for next year's contest.

I will post her story in a separate post, since this one is already long enough!

Until next time ... God bless!



LAURA said...

Congrats to Kiera!! That is awesome that she won for her class!!!

And what do you mean Bob's subs aren't exactly good for you? I mean... putting a whole jar of mayo on the small sub can't be THAT bad! I love Bob's Subs. Now you got me wanting some. Mmmmm.

The weather isn't looking so hot for next weekend. :( I hope it works out because I am so looking forward to trying out a family shoot.

Kimberly said...

Any time you want to go to Bob's Subs, just give me a call! I'm more of a Miracle Whip girl myself, but their subs, smothered in mayo ROCK!