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Friday, November 6, 2009

Beautiful nuisance

Living in a rural area, it is not an uncommon sight to see wildlife in our back yard or the neighbor's. We woke up this morning to this...

This 4-point buck was in our neighbor's yard at 7:30 this morning.

Now I love deer. It saddens me when I pass a deer that got hit by a car and is laying on the side of the road. But this (and many other) deer are becoming nuisances. Why?

My neighbors feed the deer. They have this little "shrine" for the deer to eat from (you can see it in the pic - the black feeding tray). They put corn out when the weather gets colder and throughout the winter.

The problem? Deer ticks.

The deer often have to walk through our back yard to get to their tasty treats. Leaving behind those pesky ticks. Then my kids and/or dog play out in the back yard only to come in with ticks on them.

Last winter when Honey was still just a little pup, she came in from playing out in the snow with the kids and Doug and I picked 15 ticks off her. In the snow! Apparently they don't hibernate in the winter.

I hate ticks! I see no good purpose for ticks!

They're just gross. Creepy crawly little bugs that suck blood and cause disease. Eeeeeuuuuuw!

Actually they aren't bugs, they are arachnids (in the spider family), but they are still gross.

I was just reading that the life span for a tick is 1-3 years! From larvae to nymph to tick. That is way too long for a bug to live in my opinion. Especially a disgusting bug like a tick.

So while I enjoy the beauty of this majestic animal (the deer, not the tick), I would prefer it stay out of our yard and keep its passengers to itself.

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