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Thursday, November 26, 2009


On Tuesday instead of the normal Preschool class, the kids had a Feast. Several moms (myself included) and grandmothers stayed to help the kids prepare the food. Mrs. Saeler, Alex’s teacher, who is an extremely organized person, had stations set up for each of the dishes we were preparing.

I was in charge of snapping the fresh-from-the-garden green beans. Yum! I was also asked to take pictures, since, of course, I brought my camera along.

My good friend, Mary Jane, was in charge of helping the kids make the pumpkin dessert. I found our jobs ironic because I cook all the time. Mary Jane … not so much.

Of course, I had to tease her all morning. She’s a good sport and teased right back. We’ve been friends for a while so we don’t offend each other too easily.

The kids were broken up into groups and moved from station to station so they could help with each. I think the favorite was the applesauce station. Mrs. Saeler had her Pampered Chef apple-peeler-corer-slicer thingamabob. The kids kept eating the apples slices and long strings of apple peels.

Mary Jane's grandson, Hunter, eating apple peel strings. Too cute!

Another favorite was making butter. Yep! We made butter! All you need is heavy whipping cream and a little salt. Eight ounces of heavy whipping cream in a quart-sized canning jar and shake until it is butter. It was pretty cool. I think my kids and I are going to try that some time … just for the fun of it.

My friend, Kiersten, helping Alex shake the butter jar. Once all the food was prepared and the other parents got there, we said the prayer and ate.

Chicken nuggets
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Green beans
Pumpkin dessert
And, of course, homemade butter

Not quite a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner, but not far from it either. :)

After Alex was done eating, he found some feathers to play with. And I managed to get him to put on his pilgrim hat for a pic. Jordan looks sweet in her pilgrim bonnet. Everyone had a nice time at the Feast.

I asked Alex if he had a good time ...

I take that as a yes!

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LAURA said...

Looks like an awesome time! What a cool idea!!!