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Friday, November 6, 2009


Just some things I've been wondering about ...

Why do people need to get the closest parking spot at the YMCA when they are going in to exercise anyway?

Why does the ambulance driver feel the need to blare the sirens at midnight when driving past my house? Are there that many people out driving that late? Or do they just need to wake everyone else up since they have to be up?

What idiot designed the traffic flow on the hill on the way to my house? It is two lanes that merge into the left lane at the top. So everyone (including very slow drivers) stay in the left lane because they know they need to merge left. There is a sign that says SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT, but apparently no one reads it ... or cares. I'm just saying.

Any why is there always some jerk who races up said hill past everyone else only to slow down and turn off at the top?

Why are some people the first to complain about what our PTO (or another organization) does but the last to volunteer (if at all)?

Why do dog farts smell soooooo bad? :)

Why does blogger add extra returns in when I'm composing a blog post?

Why does my dog walk past everyone else in our house to "ask" me to put her out? I'm not the only one who can do it, ya know.

How do you get three kids to sit still and smile nice for the camera? Is it too much to ask to get one nice picture of them all together?

Why do I always cry when Charlotte dies? (From the movie Charlotte's Web - in case you didn't know). I mean I know she's going to die, and yet waterfalls every time. And it's a cartoon!

What does "blog" mean anyway? Is it short for something?

I'm not really expecting answers for my questions, but if you have some, please feel free to leave a comment. Maybe I'll sleep better tonight having some answers. :)


1 comment:

LAURA said...

This was a fun post.

Blog is short for "web log" I am pretty sure.

As for parking at the gym... I try to get the closest because of the kids. I hate having to take them across the road if I don't have to. And the shorter I have to walk with them, the better... especially on the way out! Ha!