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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Treasure Quest ~ Keira's winning story

There once was a little mouse named Jessica who found herself in the middle of a great big adventure. She left her small home at midnight one cold winter night in search of a treasure that will make her mother well again. She reached the sea and thought she was boarding a friendly ship that would take her to Asia, but she was really boarding a ship full of pirates.

She finally reached land after many months. When she arrived, the Mouse King welcomed her to a feast. Jessica explained to the Mouse King about her situation. The Mouse King told her about the legend of a hidden treasure that held rubies and gold. Jessica decided to search for the treasure. But she was unaware that the pirates were watching her and heard about the treasure also. After the feast the King showed her to her room. Jessica had a lot of trouble sleeping because the bed was very uncomfortable. While she investigated the cause, she found a map hidden under the mattress. The map that would lead her to the treasure!

When the guards and the King were asleep, the pirates kidnapped her and took her to a secret cove. The pirates threatened to throw her off the cliff if she didn’t lead them to the treasure. She agreed only because she knew her family was counting on her.

They went through fields and down into valleys and up mountains. They followed the map all the way. One time they walked into a field of butterflies and the butterflies flew all around them. The colors reminded Jessica that there was still hope. Finally they found the treasure. The pirates were already all over the treasure. And Jessica just looked down. She had failed her family’s dream. Her mother would be sick forever.

Just then the guards, who had followed them this whole time, rushed into the cave. The guards captured the pirates and they headed to the castle. On the way home the guards stopped at a fountain to get a drink. The guards told her that the fountain is a well that keeps them healthy and young. Jessica realized at that very moment she had found the cure to her mother’s disease.

She asked the king how she could get home. The king offered her a pterodactyl ride. She said that would be fun. The king said to look for a little caterpillar named Squiggle down by the docks; he would take her back home with the treasure she found and the glass of magic water. She said her last good-byes and lifted off. She got home two hours later.

When she got home she gave her mother the water to drink and showed her the treasure she had found. Her family was very proud of her for her courage and willingness to find the water that cured her mother. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End


Smileyfreak said...

Great story! So imaginative :)

LAURA said...

I love it! That was such a cute story and she kept me interested the whole way through. I'm impressed!!!

Kimberly said...

Thanks! She did a great job!

All of the kids did. I haven't had a chance to read through all of the stories yet, but the ones I have are really good.