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Monday, December 14, 2009

14,610 days

So here it is. My birthday. I'm officially a year older.

14,610 days old (factoring in leap years, of course). I'm celebrating the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday, since I no longer celebrate birthdays. :) Just anniversaries.

I don't feel any different than I did yesterday. Except maybe that I'm in a little better mood. It isn't as gray today. Well, okay, it is still gray, but it's not raining. So that helps.

I took Keira to her (hopefully) last foot doctor appointment this morning to remove the wart on her foot (she probably got it from the gym). Then took her to school late.

Then Alex and I ran a few errands. He had some birthday money and a $5.00 off coupon from The Thinking Cap that was burning a whole in his pocket, so we went there. He could spend hours there playing with the Thomas train they have set up and looking at all their fabulous toys and games.

I told him if he behaved, we'd go to the mall to get a pretzel (Auntie Anne's - YUM!). Probably not the best thing to eat since I wll be missing aerobics until my shin splints heal, but a promise is a promise. :)

I asked him if he was buying the pretzels since it was my birthday. He said it was too hard for him and that I should pay. Funny things a 4-year-old says.

We walked around the mall a little. I was trying to find an ornament at a stand that sets up in the mall just for Christmas (personalized for free), but Alex decided to stop cooperating, so we left. No ornament. Yet.

But! On the way out we ran into a good friend of mine! She had heart surgery earlier this year and was on her way to therapy. It was good to see her, although she looked tired. I'm sure it is hard trying to get back into life after having major surgery.

Anyway, we talked a few minutes, wished each other Merry Christmas, and Alex and I were off to our next stop ...

The grocery store.

I have to take an appetizer to my mom's/preschooler's meeting tomorrow for our Christmas party, so I needed some supplies. I'm taking Hot Reuben Dip. Yum! It contains several not-so-good for you items that I normally wouldn't eat if they were by themselves, but they taste really good all mixed together (go figure!). I'll have to post the recipe. Just know that it is in no way, shape, or form low fat.

In fact, my friend (above) was asking me what I was making because she needs to bring an appetizer or dessert to the heart center tomorrow for their Christmas gathering. We decided that my dip probably wouldn't be the best thing to share with the other heart patients. :) It's a good thing I only make it once every 5-6 years.

After the grocery store we got home and relaxed. Well, Alex did. I did laundry and made my dip. He played with his new toy, then I laid him down for a nap. He's starting to not take a nap every day, so I try to make the most of them when he does.

Once I was sure he was asleep, I got the bags out of the car from our Christmas shopping trip on Friday. Yes, they were still in there. The kids have been around all the time, so I didn't have a chance to sneak them in.

So I took inventory of what was purchased, made mental notes of what is still "needed", and hopefully hid them away well enough that the kids won't find their gifts. If they do, well, then they just won't be surprised on Christmas morning. I can't get mad, because my brother and sister and I would always find our gifts before Christmas. My mom probably knew but never said anything. She probably thought the same thing ... we were just ruining our own surprises.

The bus has now just arrived, so Keira and Nick are home from school. Then it's homework and off to Nick's swim class.

After that, who knows? Maybe we'll stop somewhere to pick up dinner, so I don't have to cook on my birthday. Because who really wants to cook on their birthday?

Not me! :)


Kathryn said...

Oh Happy Birthday, sweetie!!! I hope you've had a (somewhat) relaxing day (altho, it didn't sound it) and hope hubby brings you dinner and a nice surprise! You totally deserve it!

BTW: When you get a chance, cut & paste this address into your browser...there's something there for you:


Kimberly said...

Thanks, Kathryn! Pretty typical day, but the kids are being pretty well behaved this evening (not killing each other ... yet anyway). No chance of dinner from hubby though. If you check out yesterday's post, you will see that he is out of town for a few days. But we ordered from one of my fav restaurants Saturday night and he gave me a couple gifts yesterday. So it's all good.

I'll check out the web address! How exciting!