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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another December Birthday!

December is a busy, busy birthday month here! First my nephew, Dakota, turned 3 on the 1st. Then Alex turned 4 on the 5th. Now Honey (our pup!) turns one today! (There are more birthdays to come - mine included *ahem*, but I'll save that for another post.)

So once again, go with me on a little trip down memory lane. This trip is short, because we just got Honey in January.

Here are a few pics to show how much she's grown ...

Day one - which she mostly slept through - much to the chagrin of the kids. :)

Day two - playing outside in the 8 or so inches of snow we had at the time. She is definitely a winter dog - she LOVES snow!
February - she actually sat still for a half-decent picture of her. Right after this picture, she started chasing her tail. Too cute!

April - apparently she thinks she's a cat! (Yes, I realize my rust colored walls don't match my old crappy furniture! Some day new furniture will come! The to-do list is long!)

May - before she got spayed and gained a few pounds.

August - I may be biased, but isn't she beautiful? Today - her 1st birthday!

Most of the time she if very cooperative getting her picture taken. But I gave her the bone I got her for her birthday before I tried taking her picture. Big mistake! Every time I got down on the floor to take her pic, she thought I was trying to steal her new bone and ran away! The kids thought it was hilarious!

But I did manage to squeak this one out. She loves her new bone!

Alex couldn't understand why we didn't make a birthday cake for her. He cried every time I told him dogs don't [shouldn't] eat cake. He thought we should make one anyway ... for us to have. If we hadn't just had cake for his birthday, I might have considered it. But I just lost 4 pounds and am not eager to gain them back already. :)

Thanks for stopping by! If you leave a comment wishing Honey a Happy Birthday, I'll be sure to pass the message along! :)

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LAURA said...

hooray for losing four pounds!!