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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Forgotten? Never.

Each year for Christmas the kids and I make a cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

Except this year ... we forgot.

We were so busy doing other preparations and were so excited that Keira was playing her violin in our church's Christmas Eve service, we just plain forgot.

I'm saddened by the fact that our simple tradition, one that we've held for several years now, was forgotten by our busy-ness.

Of course, the cake isn't just about cake. It's not like we need cake. I certainly don't. It is a simple reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. It is to help the kids focus on Christ, not Santa.

The fact that God sent his only Son to be born of a virgin, to grow to a man, to die on the cross, taking our sins with Him into the very depths of hell to be remembered no more, and to rise again to live with the Father ... that is the reason we celebrate.

And although Jesus isn't here physically to have a piece of His birthday cake, He is still with us ... always. And He will be here again. Soon.

So next year.
Next year we'll pick up the tradition again.
Or we'll start a new one.

It really doesn't matter. As long as we live the rest of the year for Christ.

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