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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I feel good!

Well, I did it! I went to aerobics today. You're probably thinking ... big deal. But it is.

I haven't been to the gym since December 10. That is the day I left half way through Jessica's interval aerobics class almost in tears and having a hard time walking.

I had been feeling the shin splints coming on since Monday of that week and I ignored my body. I told myself I just needed to stretch more. The day before I had Mickey, Wednesday's aerobics instructor, show me how to stretch them correctly. (The shin splints were on the insides of my calves, not the fronts like I've gotten in the past. Hard to stretch those muscles.)

So I came home that day and looked up shin splints on Web MD, which prescribed ice, Tylenol, and rest.

Rest?! ... how long? As long as it takes.

How in the world was I supposed to rest when Christmas was coming?

But I tried. Not too hard. But still. :)

I took it easy for a couple days, then we got a little snow. Alex and Honey wanted to go out and play, so we did. And I chased them around in the back yard a bit. Ouch. I could feel my shin splints flaring up. Not ready yet, I guess.

Then Christmas came and all the fun and busy-ness that goes with it. My shins were feeling pretty good.

I was going to go to the gym on Monday, but sleeping in felt better. :) And it had snowed over night and the road crews didn't touch the roads. I guess they figured since there was no school they didn't need to. Bad roads keep me home.

Tuesday I babysat my nieces all morning.

(I need to interject here to say that I know I could work out at home. In fact, I should. But when I'm home there are always a gazillion other things that seem to take priority. Not that that's a good reason. But it's my reason. Plus I have 3 kids and a dog under my feet when I try to exercise at home. Not good.)

So that left today. It was tough getting there. I had to get the kids up and moving since Doug was going in to work early. They didn't want to get moving already. How quickly they get spoiled. :) But we got there ... just in time for class to start.

Heidi was teaching ... filling in for Mickey. And boy did she give us a workout!

We were about 20 minutes in and she said, "now you should be starting to get warmed up." I thought, "What?! I've been sweating like crazy for 15 minutes already!" That's what I get for not going to the gym for almost 3 weeks.

But it felt good. I was definitely tired by the end of class.

And I'm glad that my shins are still not hurting.

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow. But I'm promising myself that I will do something. Exercise wise, I mean.

1 comment:

LAURA said...

I would take it easy on your shins for a while... maybe do aerobics some times and swim others. If you do too much too fast you will just be back to being able to do nothing again. Trust me. Been there plenty of times!