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Friday, December 18, 2009

Not ready for the woo woo yet!

That is what Alex said to me the other day.

Let me explain … when we get in the car, Alex says to me, “Mom, your car’s a choo choo train!” To which I reply, “Woo woo!” We giggle and go on our way with Alex usually “woo wooing” in the back seat. Fun times!

We bought him this train on Monday. He had some birthday money and a $5.00 off coupon from The Thinking Cap and this is what he picked.

Alex loves trains. Anytime you ask him what he’d like to have for Christmas, he says a train. Or a one-man-band, but that’s a whole other story. :)

Anyway, when we got home, we ripped open the package and he started playing on the kitchen floor. I think I was washing dishes or something and watching him play. I said, “Woo woo!” to which he replied, “I’M NOT READY FOR THE WOO WOO YET, MOOOOM!”

Sorreeeee! :)

He cracks me up! Even when he's giving me attitude.

I love toys that you have to use your imagination to play with. All the video games and battery-operated toys can find a home somewhere else. Give me a good old-fashioned Melissa & Doug wooden train any day.

Now don’t get me wrong, we do have some battery-operated toys also, but the kinds of toys where you must use your brain are soooo much better. I love watching my kids use their imaginations and working on their motor skills (no pun intended!). :)

Today I think we’ll make some play dough.

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LAURA said...

hahaha. That made me laugh!