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Sunday, December 20, 2009


One of our traditions every year has been to let the kids pick out a new Christmas ornament for the tree. We've been doing this since Keira was a baby.

So today the kids and I made our once-a-year visit to the Hallmark store. I wasn't all that excited to be taking them on the Sunday before Christmas but for one reason or another, we just didn't get there sooner. I fully expected the wall of ornaments to be pretty slim pickins, but I was pleasantly surprised. There were some empty spots but still plenty of ornaments to pick from.

Alex went straight for the Thomas the Train ornament. That was easy, I thought. One down, two to go. Until he saw the Snoopy train ornament. And then the Lionel old-fashioned train ornament. And so it goes. I had picked up and put down at least 6 different ornaments until he made his final decision...

The Peanuts Christmas Rocks ornaments.
Now if you know me, you know I love me some Snoopy! He was my favorite character growing up and he continues to be. So I had no objections to this one, although I was surprised that Alex's ornament wasn't train related. The really cool thing about this ornament set is if you press the button on Woodstock's amplifier, it plays 4 different Christmas tunes. Fun!

Nicholas did pretty much the same thing choosing his ornament. He had Wolverine, then Batman, then Star Wars The Clone Wars (which I made him put back because it was $32.00!). He finally chose ...

Spiderman - Comic Book of Heroes.

The fact that we already have 2 other Spiderman ornaments on our tree from previous years didn't seem to phase him. :)

Keira, as usual, took the longest to pick her ornament. She's not as quick to choose as the boys. She likes to look the whole wall over ... once ... then twice ... then one more time just to make sure she didn't miss anything.

Finally she chose ...

Song of Peace.

Since she loves playing the violin, I wasn't at all surprised with her choice. But they had no boxes of this one on the shelf. So we asked the lady behind the counter if we could take the display, which took a few minutes.

Now if you've ever been in a Hallmark store, you know they have display upon display of very breakable things. So I was on hyper-alert with the boys, making sure they didn't accidentally break something. Thankfully they did not. Whew!

So we survived another tradition unscathed! :)

Tonight we will attend our church's Christmas play. Fingers crossed that the boys will behave and I will actually get to see the whole thing. :)


Kathryn said...

Doesn't Hallmark have the BEST ornaments?? I did the picking-thing with da boys till a few years ago. Between the maternity and then "1st Christmas" thru "5th Christmas" times three, I was running out of room on the tree!

Hope you all had fun at the play!

LAURA said...

Those pics are really nice!

Kimberly said...

Kathryn - If we continue this tradition, we may need to get a bigger tree! And the play was great! The kids were good too! Wish I could say the same for the teenage girl sitting behind us criticizing everything. I actually got up and moved so I didn't have to listen to her mouth (and so I didn't turn around and smack her). :)

Laura - Thanks! I used the macro setting. Notice I got some bokeh(?) in the background from the lights?