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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Slow down

I stopped in Jo Ann's today to pick up some fleece to make myself a scarf. I haven't found one to match my new awesome Columbia coat (early Christmas gift from my sweetie), so I figured I would make one.

I'm not quite sure how yet, since I own a sewing machine but have never actually used it. :) I was thinking that I would ask my mother-in-law to help me since she does use her sewing machine.

Anyway, while there perusing through the Christmas clearance section, I noticed a whole section of Valentine's Day stuff. I thought, already?! We haven't even celebrated Christmas yet!

Now I know Christmas stuff gets put out before Halloween is over. I think that is too early also, but I don't fuss because I don't like Halloween anyway. The sooner all that creepy ghost and goblin stuff gets put away, the better.

But never before have I seen Valentine's Day stuff out before Christmas!

What is wrong with us that we can't slow down and celebrate one holiday at a time? Why do we have to rush through one to get to the next?

I'm sure some marketing guru thinks it is a great idea. Give people a head start on stocking up with more crap they don't need. Besides, they're in the buying mood right now anyway.

I just think it is wrong. Just my opinion. And, no, I didn't buy any Valentine's Day stuff.

1 comment:

LAURA said...

I think craft stores are different because people DO think ahead and need more time because they are going to be MAKING things and not just buying them. I think craft stores always have stuff out a little bit earlier... and it makes sense to me in those stores. People need time to be crafty. But if I see Vday stuff in other stores already I might just have to throw up!