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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We finally had our first significant (somewhat) snow of the season! We've had a few flurries around in the past few weeks, but last night it actually stayed on the ground. Only about 1/2 to 1 inch, but enough to get out and play a little in today.

Alex spent most of our time outdoors eating snow. Honey is really a winter dog. She LOVES the snow! She kept wanting to go out last night while it was snowing ... like 6 times! Every time I'd bring her back in, she would head back to the door to go out.

Alex took a break from eating snow long enough to find an icicle to munch on.

Honey begging for the snowball I had in my hand. I wish you could see her paw raised ~ she does that when she's begging. So sweet! Of course, I gave her the snowball!
Just me playing around. Our tree makes a perfect V, which makes it great for framing your subject. Alex didn't want to cooperate, so I took pictures of Honey.
Honey, soaking wet with snow on her nose, just before we called it quits. She wasn't ready to quit, but Alex was freezing ... probably from eating all that snow and the icicle!
Well, that's it! Our fun in the snow today!

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