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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ah, the joys of Motherhood

This morning while in the hustle and bustle of getting the kids ready for school and myself ready for some serious errand running, Nicholas informs me that he has a tummy ache. Being the master tummy-ache faker myself as a child in order to get out of going to school, I felt for a fever (none!) and quickly dismiss him and tell him to get his coat on so he doesn't miss the bus.

Instead of getting his coat on, he proceeds to throw up on the kitchen floor, thankfully narrowly missing the entryway rug.


Okay, I guess he really did have a tummy ache.

And he ate peanut butter toast for breakfast. How yummy was that to clean up? It is a good thing I have a strong stomach.

So instead of running my plethora of errands, I stayed home.

Why is it that kids have a way of completely messing up changing your plans?

I cleaned the bathroom right away so he would have a fresh area to, well ... vomit in. (I clean the bathroom every day anyway so no biggie - I just did that first today).

Unfortunately, as often happens with young kids, he failed to make it to the bathroom. Twice.

Double ugh!!!

So now I'm fending off the dog to keep her from eating Nick's puke (or pluke as Alex was calling it) while trying to scrub the carpet.

Thank God for Febreeze! And scented candles.

I got Nick a large bowl just in case he didn't think he could make it the whole 4 feet from the couch to the bathroom again. He used it a couple more times, thankfully hitting the bowl each time.

Once lunchtime hit, he was like a totally new boy. He had one piece of toast for lunch (no peanut butter this time!) since that is all I would let him eat. Then he had 2 more - after we made sure the first one wasn't coming back up. Then 2 more after that.

And the once unusually quiet sick boy was back to his old chatterbox self again.

He had some crackers for snack this afternoon and ate dinner with us this evening (roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, and fresh baked bread - I dusted off the bread machine today).

Whatever little bug got a hold of him didn't keep hold too long. Thankfully!

Hopefully we will be able to avoid any other little (or big!) pukers over the next couple days/weeks.

My kids are probably so tired of hearing me say, "WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!" (I'm admittedly a little OCD on the hand-washing front). :)

I will be so glad when the carpeting is gone and the hard wood floors are down. That will make cleaning up little puker's messes so much easier.

As long as I can get to them before the dog does. :)

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