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Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the ol' routine ... almost

School was back in session today for Keira and Nick! I was so excited! After ten days of excruciating pain joyful bliss of Christmas break, I was ready for them to go back to school.

However, Old Man Winter had other plans.

The way it was snowing last night when we came home from Ministry School classes had me concerned, so I checked the school closings/delays. Nothing yet. I checked again around 9:30 p.m. and sure enough, school was delayed two hours. Ugh!

I was so looking forward to getting back to the ol' routine. Kids on bus at 9:00 then off to the gym for my 9:30 aerobics class. With only Alex.

Instead we woke up to this ...
And a 2-hour delay. When Doug got home from work this morning, he said that the main roads weren't bad at all. But there are a lot of back roads in our district, so I guess I could understand the delay. The snow and the really cold temps mixed with the wind = school delay.

I did make it to the gym though. Not until 11:30, but at least I made it. And it was still busy. But not as busy as Saturday.

So I did 30 minutes on the crossramp and felt great! I always feel so much better after I exercise.

The rest of the afternoon was off kilter too. Alex was ready for a nap by 1:00 (early for him). Keira and Nick got home a little late from school, probably because of the weather. Once we got home from the boys' swim classes, things got back to normal ... whatever that is.

Hopefully tomorrow things will be really back to normal.

Although so far the weather forecast isn't looking good.

Hmmmm, maybe in April things will get back to normal.


Kathryn said...

Yeah...and when, exactly is spring coming?? Your weather (and school delays) sound just like mine. It's probably an easier transition back to school for the kiddies, though...

Kimberly said...

Kathryn - According to the calendar, Spring begins on March 20. But according to reality, as harsh as it may be, maybe mid-April. :) The kids did okay until today when Alex had to return to Preschool. He was screaming and clinging to my leg. I guess he didn't want to go back? :)