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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Financial Peace University

I'm so excited! I attended my first Financial Peace University class this evening at my church.

We've been following Dave Ramsey's plan for a couple years now (on and off, I must admit {head hung in shame}), and we've even seen Dave speak live a few years back.

I own and have read his books Financial Peace and The Total Money Makeover, both of which I highly recommend if you are not happy with where you are financially. Or if you would just like to do a little (or a lot!) better.

As I've stated before, we are out of debt except for the house, and are working on Baby Step #3 (putting 3 to 6 months expenses into savings). So we're doing okay.

But, I decided to take FPU to get myself motivated to get back on track and focus.

We had the best year income-wise in 2009 (even better than when I was working also!) and we've little to show for it. Sure, we paid off my van early (really early) and we did some more work on the house (it seems never ending), including installing the last few replacement windows and finally getting siding.

And, we can see bigger chunks here and there. A new washer when the old one died, tires for both vehicles, a hefty furnace repair, etc. And I'm thankful that we had the money to cover all of those things. But other than that, we really don't know where all that money went. It just went.

What I'd really like to see now is the savings account busting at the seams.

Now if you know me, you would know that my saying that is a huge deal. I'm a spender. Both of my parents were spenders. Most (if not all) of my siblings are spenders. I was never taught the proper way to handle money. No one showed me that you should give some first, then save some next, then spend (pay bills, etc.).

Until Dave Ramsey. And he teaches you in a way that is both educational and funny. I (and others in my class) literally laughed out loud many times during class. (The class is basically us watching an hour-long or so DVD lesson of Dave Ramsey teaching the class to an auditorium full of people. After which we have a very short discussion (mostly because of time constraints) and we get homework.)

This week our homework is to do a "quickie budget" with the form provided. I believe it is intended for people to just get a feel for where their money is going. Doug and I always do a budget, but it appears we've been doing it incorrectly. Or at least as not as well as we could.

We are also supposed to read a chapter or two in our FPU book, but our FPU kits haven't arrived yet, so that will have to wait until next week. Although I might break out The Total Money Makeover and read it just for fun. Yeah, I know ... I'm strange. But it is a really good and easy book to read.

I just have to share this ... one of the women that was in the class sitting behind me fell asleep during the DVD and was snoring quite loudly. I was actually embarrassed for her. I mean why pay for the class if you're just going to sleep through it? Maybe she just didn't get her nap today or something. :)

Anyway, I'm so looking forward to next week!


Courtney said...

Hi! Hubby and I just finished this class and church and LOVED IT! We are almost done with Baby Step 1 and are eager to tackle baby step 2 with "gazelle intensity." Good luck with this! I can't wait to hear how you guys progress :)

Kathryn said...

OMG! She actually fell asleep?!? I would be embarrassed for her too! This course sounds amazing! Who couldn't use more cash in the bank??

Laura said...

Maybe she took the class to get away from her kids for a little while and have some peace and quiet haha.

I have the Financial Peace book if you want to borrow it until yours comes in so that you don't get too behind. I will trade you for the Total Money Makeover. :) Would love to read it. I need to continuously read money books to keep me on track and I am starting to get too far off track again.