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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Alex and Jordan talked me into going outside to play in the snow today. I'm not much of a snow person. I prefer to be indoors, sipping hot cocoa or tea, and watching them from the warmth of my dining room window.

But, okay, I'll go.

And, boy, did I have fun! (In between the whining and fighting that is - Alex mostly).

Honey loves the snow so I chased her around a bit. Then Alex, Jordan, and I rode the snow tube.

First I let them go together, but neither of them knows enough to jump off if they are going to hit something or end up going down the second hill onto our neighbor's driveway.

So I rode with each - taking turns (this is where Alex's whining started - he didn't want to let Jordan have a turn - ugh!).

We had a blast! Tubing down the hill, snow hitting our faces, Honey chasing us the whole way down. Running up the hill and doing it all over again! And again! And again!

I don't have any pictures of our fun, because I didn't have anyone there to take them. :(

And I'm sure if you use your imagination, you can see our fun. :)

Good memories ... all that matters.

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

It sounds like you had a blast! I haven't been sledding in years...ya gotta have just the right hill for it, right?
I'll bet you've made some fabulous winter memories for your children.

PS: Um. You might be a little sore tomorrow...and wonder why!