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Monday, January 18, 2010

My kids are weird!

Keira and Nick had a day off from school today due to Martin Luther King, Jr. day. I made them get up early anyway so I could go to aerobics at the gym, much to Keira's dismay. :) She's my sleeper.

Once we got home and they got their bellies full of lunch, the crazyness began.

They thought it would be cool to use every blanket in the house to build a tent. But instead of making a bigger tent with all the blankets, they just stacked them on top of each other. Amateurs. :)

I managed to snap a few pics of their loonyness ..

Yes, they actually asked me to take this picture of their bums.

While they were inside the "tent" they were playing with my little pocket camera. Keira discovered yesterday that it can record video. Here is but one of many silly videos they recorded ...

Silly, silly kids!!!


Laura said...

You have set the video to private and that means that we can't view it.

Jenna said...

Your kiddos are precious!! They are pretty funny too! Thanks for visiting my blog...glad the crotch didn't bother you haha!