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Saturday, January 9, 2010


This awesome photo was taken by Laura. Thanks, Laura!

What are Nickisms you ask? Well, Nicholas(6) has a way of coming up with his own ... um, how shall I say ... language.

If you saw yesterday's post with funny pictures of Nicholas, you have an idea of his personality. I truly believe he will be voted Class Clown when he gets older.

Anyway ... Nickisms ... Funny words or phrases spoken only by my Nicholas.

Trancilizer gun [tranquilizer gun] Back in the summer, he and Daddy (mostly Daddy ... okay, only Daddy) shot a groundhog that had been getting in our garden and eating our crops. Nicholas was so excited about this that he was telling everyone, including our next door neighbor. She, being the nature lover that she is, told him that instead of killing the animal, we should have caught it somehow and re-located it. That would have been more humane. Hence the idea of the trancilizer gun.

Imaginating [imagining] I don't remember the story behind this one.

I love me ... (followed by ...)

I'm going to marry me. I truly have no idea where he came up with this one.

Behavement problem. [behavior] He was telling me about a boy in his class who was being mean to him one day. This boy has some form of Autism, I believe. So we talked about it and Nick said to me, "I know ... he doesn't know any better. He has a behavement problem."

Parent Vegetation Day [Parent Visitation Day] Visitation day was back in September. He was so excited that I came and sat in his classroom for a little while that day (one of the benefits of being a SAHM). So at dinner one evening he asked me when the next Parent Vegetation Day was. (I'd actually really like to know when the next Parent Vegetation Day is! Is that a day when all parents get to be like vegetables and do nothing? Sign me up for that!) :)

Yesterday Nicholas said something to me (I can't remember what but it was off the wall). So I said to him, "Where did you learn that?" He pointed to his forehead and replied, "In my brain." I had a really hard time keeping a straight face.



Laura said...

hahaha... I love kid speak! One of my favorite things about kids.

Your fonts look great!

Kathryn said...

Oh, how cute is he? I had the worst time keeping a straight face when da boys would say something incorrectly. I also hated to correct 'em, 'cause it was so cute!

I remember "extruction" was construction....and my favorite was "oppospit".

Kimberly said...

Thanks, Laura! I love it too! He comes up with new ones almost daily. I just need to remember to write them down!

Kathryn - I know what you mean. I hate correcting him too! Sometimes I just let it go. He also used to say hopsital for hospital. Too funny!