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Monday, January 11, 2010


Doug had today off (a rarity these days, it seems), so we took advantage of the opportunity. We dropped Alex off at the sitters and went shopping for flooring for my future scrapbook room. We made several stops throughout town to check what they had and compare prices.

I found some flooring at Sam's Club that I really liked. The only problem was they only had that style in cherry, which is way too dark for me. I'm more of a light oak/maple/hickory kinda gal. The stuff that they did have in the right color was way too thin/cheaply made.

Now I don't want top-of-the-line flooring (or anything else for that matter) for my scrapbook room, but I don't want totally cheap either.

The gentleman at Sam's told us that they could get in a pallet of the flooring that we liked any time so to just check back. Isn't that what they always say? :)

So our plan is to proceed with primer and paint on the walls and when that is done, if they don't have the finished flooring that we want from Sam's, we will go with unfinished from somewhere else and Doug will finish it himself. It will end up being less expensive but will be more work.

We did end up buying a space heater for my room, since it is still a little chilly in there despite the new insulation, walls, and windows. We tried it out this afternoon/evening. Doug thinks I'll be sitting in there in shorts and a tank top in the winter because he thinks it is that warm. You'd think he'd know me better than that after 13 years of marriage. I mean, I have foot warmers (the kind hunters use) in my slippers right now keeping my toes toasty. (My feet have been freeeeeeeeeeezing the past few days with these frigid temps).

And while we were at Lowe's, they had an unfinished oak kitchen cabinet in the scratch-n-dent bin :) on sale from $177 down to $69 because it was cracked in the back. Doug fixed it in about an hour (drying time included) with about $5.00 worth of supplies that he already had on hand. And it is probably more sturdy than if we had bought a new one for $177! I was so excited!

The plan is to get a couple cabinets and a counter top for the inside wall. Then we will probably get a few more odd and ends and probably a bookshelf to work in between the windows on the outside wall. I'm not really sure yet. It is still a work in progress in my brain.

However it ends up, I'm sure I will love it. Just having my own space all to myself. (yeah, right! who am I kidding?)

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Kathryn said...

Hey...a girl can dream, right? It sounds like it's coming together beautifully...and I'm glad you're slowly finding just the right pieces for the room. I'll bet you'll be glad to get in there, already!