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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Progress #2

Doug finished primering (is that a word?) the walls and ceiling in my future scrapbook room yesterday and asked me if I could start painting today. Oh yeah!

So Alex and I got busy after church today. Can you tell what I painted and what Alex painted? He had a good time. I guess that's all that matters. He got bored with it after a while because I wouldn't let him paint with his fingers. :)

Keira took this picture of us with my little Casio pocket camera so I can have it for my scrapbook. Can you see the paint on Alex's forehead? Too funny!

My neck is a little sore from painting the ceiling and my right shoulder is going to be sore tomorrow. But we wouldn't make any progress without work, right?


Sheri said...

Oh I always get so sore when I paint. But it looks great and I love that color.

Laura said...

I love that color... nice and girly... should keep the guys out while you scrap haha!

Kimberly said...

Thanks Sheri and Laura! That color is actually a leftover from our bedroom. One wall is eggplant with lavender sponged over it (to cover the drywall imperfections). :) I'm trying to get my room done without spending a bunch of money (hence the damaged cabinet on clearance that Doug fixed).