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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rough night

11 p.m. - sleeping child - peaceful

Mom tries to sleep - too much on mind - decides to read for a while

12:30 a.m. - lights out - need to get some sleep - busy day tomorrow

2:00 a.m. - IV machine beeping - wakes child and mom

Child now in pain - severe

Crying, screaming pain

Mom mad at the damn machine for waking child

Mom negotiates child into taking more Motrin (child hates the taste but agrees)

Child needs to use restroom

Much pain - screams

Happens every time but this time much worse - longer and harder

Mom in tears - feeling helpless - trying to be strong for child

Nurse calls surgeon for stronger meds

30 minutes of cries, screams

Mom rubbing child's back, head, legs, wherever might help

Child finally back in bed - drinks a little water - comes right back up

Nurse gives morphine thru IV

Mom thanks God for morphine

Child sleeping - peaceful

Mom in tears - praying for strength - thanking God again for morphine - anything to help child be comfortable

Mom thanking God that child only has appendicitis - not anything more horrible - not cancer

3:00 a.m. - child sleeping

Mom can't sleep - blogging - therapy - helps clear the mind

Hospital tissues suck - scratchy - needs her Puffs Plus

Add that to the list of things to ask Grammy to bring tomorrow (well, actually today)

Mom signing off - needs to get some sleep - busy day tomorrow (well, actually today)

Mom's thinking she likes the view better from the mountaintop than from the valley - but always the optimist - will climb right back up that mountain

Thanking God for the mountaintops ... and the valleys

Please keep praying!

Mom needs strength

And softer tissues


f8hasit said...

Awww. Poor baby! And poor Mommy having to hear her child in pain.

Your optimistic nature is commendable. Hugs to you, the baby and your entire family to help you get through this ordeal!!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

You've really been through it with your dog, your daughter -- very stressful!

Laura said...

Geez... this whole thing sucks huh? Poor Keira!! And poor you! My kids get the flu and I come undone. I can't even imagine. :(

Let me know if anything comes up that I can help you with. Even after you come home... I'm sure you will need a day to catch up on sleep so you could drop the boys off for a few hours and get that sleep.

Sheri said...

I am so sorry! My appendix went berzerko when I was about 17. Praying.

Jenna said...

Oh Bless her heart! I will keep you guys in my prayers! I just had my gallbladder removed last month...it sucked and it wasn't near as bad as what you guys are going though!

Kimberly said...

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and your prayers! We're making some progress today. We're both exhausted. Praying tonight will be better.

Kelly said...

Seriously, there is NOTHING worse than seeing your baby in pain! I can't imagine... Hope that she has recovered now :(