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Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Update on Honey

If you read my post on Thursday about our dog, Honey, then you will know that she had to spend Thursday night at the vet's office.

Well, I was able to bring her home Friday evening. She had blood work done (which showed nothing "remarkable") and had been on IV fluids Thursday and Friday. When I called to check on her yesterday around noon, Leah told me that Dr. Love had taken her for a long walk on Friday morning and that she had peed several times but no poo yet.

She also ate breakfast (canned food - yeah, they spoiled her) and lunch.

They continued to walk her a lot yesterday afternoon but still no poo.

When I called at 4:00 they said I could come get her if I wanted to. I chose to since everyone was missing her pretty badly.

The boys and I went to get her around 5:00. She was so excited to see us!

I forgot that on the way there on Thursday my car's seatbelt alarm kept going off because she is heavy enough to set it off sitting on the front seat (94 pounds!). So on the way home, it was beeping again every few minutes. And this time I had the boys in the car to complain about the noise. :) Joy!

When we got home we ran around in the snowy/muddy back yard for about 10 minutes and then she wanted to go in the house, which is unusual for her. Usually once you get her outside, you have to practically drag her back in.

The vet told me to walk her often to help work out whatever is causing her discomfort, so we went out a few more times last night ... flashlight in hand. Again she peed each time but still no poo.

Then this morning I took her out again. The sun is shining today and it is supposed to be a beautiful day (for January anyway). We walked around a few minutes, she sniffed everything like she always does, and then I saw her circling.

Yes, that's right! She pooped!!! I've never been so excited about her pooping since she was a wee pup and we were training her!

The vet told me I needed to inspect her poop to see if there was a sock or anything in it, so I did. I found a stick in the yard and poked around in it for a minute. Yuk! But I didn't see anything unusual.

She's still a bit lethargic and she refused to drink water this morning when I offered it to her. So we're not out of the woods yet.

Maybe she has a virus like Keira has right now.

Or maybe she just decided she wasn't happy weighing 94 pounds and has decided to lose a few. :)

Doug just took her outside again for a walk.

Here's the weird thing. She had been favoring her right front paw last week. We thought maybe she got bruised chasing the kids while they were sledding. (She ran in front of them a few times and got tackled). But today she's favoring her left front paw. She had the IV in her right front paw so I know it's not that.

Right now she's outside laying on what snow we have left instead of chasing the boys around the back yard like she usually does.

So I guess we'll just keep giving her some extra TLC until she gets through this.

I'll probably run to the grocery store to get her a few cans of dog food too.

She's spoiled, I know.

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Jenna said...

Haha I've never said this before but Congrats on the Poo! haha I'm glad she's feeling a little better!