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Friday, January 15, 2010

Was that meant to be a compliment?

I went to aerobics today after missing the past two days due to sick kids and errands that needed done in the morning (don’t ask!).

So I pushed myself a little harder than I usually do today. Especially since I will be going to Laura’s tonight for Girls’ Night Out and probably won’t be eating the healthiest.

So I was sweating. A lot. I always sweat when I exercise, but as I said, I really pushed myself today, so ….

But when I was putting my step away an older lady, who was also in the class, said, “Well, you look like you had a good workout.” And walked away smiling.

Now this woman comes in with hair and makeup done and leaves with hair and makeup done. Like she never even did anything. That’s not my approach to exercise. If you’re not going to sweat (at least a little) then why bother?

Anyway, on my way down to the locker room, my friend, Meghan, who didn’t take aerobics today, said the same thing! “Wow! You look like you had a good workout!”

Hmmmm. Did I look that bad?

Then again in the locker room, my friend, Kiersten, said, “You must have had a good workout today!”

Geez! Did I really look that bad?!

I burned 668 calories in that hour-long class … according to my handy-dandy heart rate monitor.

So were those compliments those women were giving me?

Or were they saying, “Wow! Girlfriend, you must have worked hard today because you are sweating like a pig!”?

I guess I’ll never know.

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