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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What do YOU wear to vacuum?

On Monday when the kids didn't have school, I asked Keira to vacuum the upstairs since her down pillow has been leaving feathers everywhere. When I went up to check on her progress, this is what I found.

You mean you don't wear heels to run the sweeper? :)


Laura said...

hahaha... Awesome! I might have to try it next time I vacuum.

Jenn said...

Of course I do! Don't you know it's the ONLY time I get to wear them:0)

Jenna said...

Oh I always Wear my Stilettos when I vacuum. It's the only way to do it! Yeah right...I hate to vacuum. I usually wear tennis shoes because when I vacuum it's a freaking work out so I put on work out clothes to make myself feel Like I'm actually trying to exercise!

Kimberly said...

Laura - be sure to take pictures!

Jenn - Maybe I need to start wearing heels while I vacuum to. Oh wait ... I don't own any heels. Seriously.

Jenna - Sounds like good exercise to me!

Jenn said...

O.K. a must go to ebay, pick out a cute pair, but just for fun, wear to clean in and..... :) Love, Jenn