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Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a trooper

We've been doing Keira's IV antiobiotics since Wednesday evening now. Every 12 hours. 7:30 a.m. ... 7:30 p.m. So long to sleeping in a bit. At least for a couple weeks.

Keira is really being a trooper about the whole thing. She is feeling much better. She even wanted to ride her bike today, but I wouldn't let her. (The boys were in the basement riding their bikes and she was feeling left out).

She played her violin today for the first time since Wednesday the 20th. I actually forgot to ask her how she did (she plays in her room with the door closed so no one can here - but I still can a little). She played for the full 15 minutes, so I guess it was okay.

She can still do things while she's getting her meds, as shown in the picture above. She was working on her spelling homework. In the morning, she just usually lays on the couch and watches TV or closes her eyes. It takes a good 30 minutes for the IV machine to administer.

I'm getting pretty good at the whole process too. I don't have to read the step-by-step instructions anymore. I know what I'm doing.

And the boys are being good about the whole thing too. As much as I know it is probably killing them not to touch the stuff, they've been leaving it alone - probably for fear of losing their life. :) Actually I explained the process to them to help curb their curiousity. I guess that helped.

She goes in to see the surgeon for a follow up on Feb. 9 - the last day for her meds. At that time they will let us know if everything looks good for her to have the appendix removed. I have no idea how quickly they will schedule that. She is hoping it will be after the Valentine's Day party at school on the 11th. Priorities. :)

If her bloodwork doesn't look well enough for surgery, she may have to continue the IV meds for another 5-14 days. Yoy!

I bought her a bottle of acidophilus caplets today to help restore her good bacteria. She hates yogurt, so I told her she has to eat the caplets or else I'm going to make her choke down some yogurt. She doesn't like the caplets either. She said they taste like chalk. But she's rather eat them than yogurt. (You are supposed to swallow them whole, but she's still learning how to swallow pills.)

Anyway, that's where we are today. Your continued prayers would be much appreciated! Mostly that we can get this all over with as quickly as possible. Thank you!!!

1 comment:

Jenna said...

Still praying for her!! I don't blame her on the whole yogurt thing..I'm not a big fan either. I was in jr. high before I learned to swallow pills...hopefully time will fly by and this will all be over soon!