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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The best laid plans ...


When Keira came home from the hospital on January 27 and I saw that her follow up appointment with the surgeon was today, February 9, I made arrangements for the boys. Well, that was after I called and changed the appointment time from 8:50 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

8:50? Are they crazy?! I would have to get someone to watch the boys waaaaay too early and somehow get them both to school and somehow get Alex home. And what was I going to do with Jordan? Too many complications. 10:30 worked much better.

Anyway, the plan was ... to take Nick to school at 8:45 as usual, then drop Alex (and Jordan) at Preschool at 9:00 as usual. Then Keira and I were going to head to Pittsburgh for her appointment. My friend, Jody, whose daughter also goes to the same preschool, was going to take Alex and Jordan home with her and we would just swing by and pick them up on our way home. Easy.

We even had a backup plan in case of a 2-hour delay.

Well, Jody called me on Sunday sicker than a dog. She had a fever among other things and didn't want to pass it along to Alex and especially Jordan, who has a baby sister at home.

Okay, plan B.

I made a couple phone calls and made other arrangements. Jordan would go to the other sitter (the one who watches her on non-preschool days), Nick would go to school as planned, and Alex would just come along with us to the doctor's.

BUT ...

For some reason that I'm still not sure about, school was cancelled today. I mean, I know we are in for some more snow, but cancelling altogether? That seemed a bit extreme to me. Especially since the road-covering snow only started about 1/2 hour ago. Plenty of time to get the little kiddos home safely.

Anyway, I'm not the one making that decision ... thankfully!

So, we ended up with plan C. All four of us heading down to Children's Hospital. Yoy!

With sandwiches, juice boxes, apples, and cheese crackers packed, off we went. Along with an assortment of items to entertain the troops during the hour-long car ride.

Everything went along fairly well. The waiting room has lots of things to entertain little people. Trains and trolleys, a really cool mechanical thingy that moves marbles up and down and all around (I'm sure it has a really cool name, but I don't know what that would be), tables with buttons and knobs to play with, and plenty of room to run around in. Which was a good thing because we had to wait almost 40 minutes to get called back.

The appointment itself went well. All looks good with Keira. Her white blood cell count was back in the normal range. Her PICC line got removed today. She's very thankful for that because she is apparently allergic to the bandages ... she has a bad itchy rash all around where it was. Thankfully the removal was much easier than the insertion.

Her surgery was scheduled for March 8. It will be just an overnight stay as long as there are no complications - none are expected. We won't know how early we need to be there until the Friday before. I'm hoping it won't be too early. :)

Keira said I had to promise to request a laptop as soon as we get to the hospital on surgery day. Priorities! :)

So we're happy today because no more PICC line means no more meds which means we both get to sleep in tomorrow! And by the looks of the forecast, they won't have school again tomorrow. Plus the gym has already announced that it will be closed, so no getting up for aerobics for me.

I'm already looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. :)

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