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Monday, February 22, 2010

I can't believe it!

I posted a while back (like October) about this little girl we ran into at the mall play area who was not very nice to play with.

Well, I took Alex to the mall again today so he could play a while now that he's feeling better (he had a cold last week).  We were there probably 20-25 minutes when the same little girl shows up!  And I recognize her again!   We hadn't seen her since October, but her face must be burned into my memory as the Devil Child.

As soon as I saw her, I asked Alex to come get his shoes on so we could get our errands done.  (We actually only needed to pick up milk at the grocery store since I forgot to put it on the list yesterday for Doug to get - but Alex didn't know that).

He was surprisingly cooperative and immediately came over to me.  Although he did ask me why we had to leave already, but not in his whiney voice, thankfully.

I just couldn't stay there to see what that little girl was going to do this time or what her mom/dad wouldn't do.  Plus I'd had my fill of screaming, crying little kids.  :)  I get enough of that at home.

I just can't believe we saw her again!  How weird is that?!


Kathryn said...

That is definitely weird! I wonder what her deal is? Now, you've got me wondering....is it her dad or her mom that brings her? Who does she play with? Is she horrible to everyone equally?

Heather McDougle said...

That's crazy you saw here again. I'd do that same as you and just leave. You have a beautiful family!

I'm following you from Friday Follow!

giggling kids said...

That's crazy! I am following you from Friday Follow! Please feel free to come visit and follow my blog!