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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photos by Laura

Let me just start by saying this post is waaaaaaay overdue.

Back in November, my friend, Laura, agreed (actually asked) to take family pictures of us.  It was hard working out a day and time because of Doug's work schedule, but we were finally able to find a day that worked for everyone.  And the weather was beautiful!  Especially for November!

We went to McConnells Mills State Park where we figured there would be plenty of good backgrounds to work with.  The kids had never been there before so they needed to get some excitement out of their system before we got started.  (Didn't think of that ahead of time - duh!)

Thankfully, Laura is a very patient person and ended up having a great time.  She did say it was one of the most difficult photo shoots she ever did, which didn't surprise me because my kids have minds of their own (as they should) and can be less than cooperative at times.  She also said she learned a lot, which is a good thing.

The pictures in my header were taken by Laura.  They are a few of my favorites, which was hard to pick because she took a lot of great pictures!

I wanted to post some of the pictures she took of us that day for some time now.   Finally, today is the day!   Are you ready?  :)

Our angels in all their cuteness.

Alex ... cooperating.

Nick was enjoying having his picture taken.

Keira inside the covered bridge.  She loved the photo shoot the most.

All 5 of us.  This shot would have been perfect if Keira wasn't holding Nick's hair back and Doug was looking AT the camera.  :)

Again, this shot would have been really good if Keira didn't look like she was choking or something.  :)  I still like it though.

Now for a few of the outtakes.  :)

Isn't she pretty?

Does he look like Ceasar?

I don't have an outtake of Alex because he was running from the camera most of the time.

Keira and I were taking our own pictures elsewhere with my camera while Laura was taking these.   Apparently Alex thought Nick wasn't listening and was trying to help.

Everyone being silly.  Well, almost.  Doug was ready to be done at this point.

There are hundreds more photos, but I won't do that to you.   Just suffice it to say we had fun and that is really all that matters.

Thanks, again, Laura!   Can't wait to try this again!


Laura said...

Too bad the one where Alex was actually cooperating his face is all blown out with the light. :( Go figure haha.

I STILL have the giftcard for the massage! I was going to call to make an apointment for some evening this week but all my evenings are taken up. :( Hopefully I can get it worked out though for this weekend or next week because my back NEEEEEEDS it!

Laura said...

Oh... and I decided that I will call my photography "business" that will never really be a business Wix-Pix. :) Thanks to Mike for being clever with our last name haha. Get it?? Wick's Pics. :)