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Friday, February 26, 2010

Pieces of Brain Matter

Just some random things that happened this week ...

I had my eyes examined Monday morning.  The first time since 2004.  (yeah, I know! no lectures please!)  Anyway, I need glasses.  Which I already knew from the headaches I've been getting from straining my eyes.  I had Lasik surgery done back in 2002 and haven't had to wear glasses since (yay!).  My prescription isn't much, but it is still needed.

I hated picking out a pair of frames.  Just the idea that I am going to have to wear them makes me dislike them immediately.  I've never been able to wear contacts.  I could always feel them on my eyes.  And as happy as I am that I had Lasik done 8 years ago, I would not do it again.  It wasn't horrible or anything, just not something I want to have done twice.  Of course, I say that now.  :)
I made it to aerobics Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!  I hadn't been to a Tuesday or Thursday session in a while.  Between appointments, meetings, and school delays/cancellations, I just didn't get there.  And I forgot how hard Thursday's class can be.  Jessica teaches an intervals class, which I love, but man my legs were aching when we were done!

And I have maintained my 10 pounds lost!  I haven't lost anymore, but I'm happy with maintaining instead of gaining some back!  Woo hoo!
I finished reading Healing Stones yesterday.  What a good book!  I had read Healing Sands for my BookSneeze Blogger Book Review (whew!  say that 3 times fast!) and I found out that Healing Sands was actually the 3rd book.  Healing Stones and Healing Waters preceeded it.  So I bought both from Amazon and I'm glad I did.  I can't wait to get started on Healing Waters.  But it will have to wait.  I ordered Kaleidoscope from BookSneeze, so I will need to read/review it first.  The back cover says it is "A whimsical look at Proverbs from Women of Faith's pint-size dynamo of wisdom [Patsy Clairmont]".  Looks like a good one!  I'll probably start it today.
My husband bought a car yesterday.  With cash!  And while I wasn't there for the official transaction, it feels so good to not have to deal with payments!  I think that is a first for us ... having the pink slip in hand knowing there's no bank that needs to hold onto it until we're done paying it off.

Awesome feeling!  Try it sometime!

We went to pick it up last evening.  The kids were so excited because they got to ride in it before I did.  They were going home with Daddy while I went to Panera for a girls' scrappin' night (so I wasn't upset about not getting to ride in the new-to-us car). 

I took some scrappin' stuff with me ... didn't do anything with it.  I just really enjoyed the conversation with the other ladies.  Four of them I already knew (at least a little), the other three I met for the first time last night.  Thanks, Laura, for arranging it!  Maybe next time I'll actually work on something.  :)

While there we were talking about paying cash for things (cars mainly) and I found out that a couple of the other ladies there had also paid cash for their cars (or their husband's).  One girl's husband paid $7,000 for a car that was listed for $10,000 ... all because he had cash.  Seriously, as crazy as it sounds, it can be done.  (http://www.daveramsey.com/)  Go there!  NOW!
The kids don't have school again today.  We're getting 3-6 more inches of snow, which isn't really the problem.  The problem is that it is really cold and windy, which is making the roads slippery.

The thing that bites is that Doug and I were going to go to lunch today.  We were going to drop Alex off at my friend Jody's and go use a gift card we have for Applebee's.   He starts midnight shift tonight, so it will be a couple weeks before we get another chance.  His next weekday off is the day of Keira's surgery, March 8.  :(
We did March's budget today.  (Dave Ramsey would be proud!)  We know we will have some more doctor/hospital bills coming in from Keira's recent hospital stay, but we have no idea when.  The really cool thing is that we have money in savings to cover them!  A couple years ago if something like this happened, we'd be stressed and probably arguing and calling to make arrangements for payment plans.  But not this time.  God is good!
Back to snow days ... the kids have had 6 snow days so far this year ... one in January, which was made up the following week; and 5 more this month - 2 of which have been made up already, 2 more are scheduled to be made up in March, which leaves 1 left.  I'm not sure when that will be made up.  Probably at the end of the school year. 

When I was at the school for the Valentine's Day party, one of the moms that was waiting in the hall with the rest of us asked the Principal if the snow days could just be forgiven.  To which she replied that the Superintendent could only ask for an exemption if the days could not be made up by the end of June.  With June 4 being the last scheduled day of school, that gives them 18 days at the end of the school year to make them up.  This mom seemed to think that their family vacation was more important than making up the snow days.  What?!?!

Maybe it is just me ... because we don't take week-long family vacations ... but I can't see how that could possibly be more important than her children's educations.  I can appreciate that reservations could have already been made, but seriously?  Is it just me?
During our budget talk, we figured we could probably get my scrapbook room finished up in March/April.  Woo hoo!  I will have to find my Mojo so when my room is done, I can actually do some scrapbooking.  Has anyone seen my Mojo?  It has been missing for a couple months now.  :)
I signed up with SwagBucks recently.  They celebrated their 2nd birthday yesterday but I only heard about them about a month or so ago.  I read about it on someone's blog (can't remember whose now) and thought why not?  You earn points for using their search engine.  I figured if I could earn enough points to score a couple gift cards for Christmas, it would be worth it.  If you want to check it out, click the box below.

Search & Win
Well, that is all the brain matter I can spare today.  Have a great Friday!


Debbie said...

What a beautiful family and cute dog too! I am so glad I linked up with this party as I am finding more things in common with women this way!!~ Come and take a visit!

Laura said...

Oooooh... I had no idea you had lasik done! I've just kind of given in to the fact that I will always have glasses. I'm too chicken to go for Lasik because I don't know the long term effects.