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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spa Day

This morning at my preschoolers & moms group, we had Spa Day. We had several different “vendors” come in and do mini massages or makeovers or whatever.

It wasn’t quite like this ...

but it was still very good. :)

We had: Yoga, mini massages, facials/makeovers from 3 different vendors (probably not the best decision to have 3 different ones though), color/seasonal analysis, and manicures. All for FREE! The hardest thing was deciding what to do in the 2 short hours we had!

I got to take about a 30-minute Yoga session. So very relaxing. We stretched some muscles that I really needed to stretch after yesterday’s strength training at aerobics. I am sore today! And I was pleased to find that I already knew a few of the moves since we do them at aerobics when we stretch.

I also had a quick manicure done – quick because I had to leave to get Alex and Jordan from Preschool. Loved it! She massaged my arms and hands before she worked on my (somewhat pathetic) nails. She also does pedicures so I took her card so I can schedule mine (for losing my first 10 pounds!). She thought that was a pretty cool reward. I am now sooooo looking forward to the pedicure. If it is anything like the quickie manicure, I will love it!

While I was getting the manicure, her associate who does color analysis, informed me that I am a “warm fall”. Fall colors look best on me. Rusts, oranges, browns, etc. All the colors that I love. She also told me that the chocolate brown sweat suit I was wearing was the wrong brown. Apparently it has pink undertones which don’t make me look my best. Who knew?! I'm still going to wear it though. It is so comfy!

I was really hoping to get a mini massage but every time I was free to do that, someone else was already there. Oh well.

I didn’t do a facial or make up because I already use Arbonne for my skin care and Mary Kay for my make up. I didn’t really want to try the other one since I’m happy with both. She did give me a sample to bring home though. Fingers crossed that I don't love it! :)

All in all, it was a good, relaxing morning. And even though my nails got messed up while I was putting my coat on to leave, it was still fun to be pampered a little.

We really need to do that more often!


Laura said...

Kim that sounds like a great time! How ever did they get those people to offer those services for free?!!??!

Jenna said...

Oh Wow! I want a massage now!!