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Friday, March 26, 2010

5QF Once Again!

Hello!  It is Friday!  Which is not only the start of another weekend, but it also means it is time for Five Question Friday!  Hop on over to Mama M.'s to play along!

This week's questions ...

1. Did you pass your driver's test on the first try?

The driving part, yes. The written part took me a couple tries. I kept getting caught up on the difference between the school zone and school crossing signs. Yeah, I know. Pathetic. And pretty amazing that I can remember that after all these years!

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Gosh! I have to pick just one!

Okay. My senior prom. I wore this hot pink Scarlett O’Hara type big-hoop strapless dress thing (what was I thinking?!). I was walking out of the dining area – heading who knows where – when I stepped on the front of my dress. The front pulled down and a guy/kid from my class was sitting right there and saw the bra thingy I had on underneath for like a split second before I pulled it back into place. Ugh! His eyes were the size of baseballs! I guess I can be thankful that I had that bra thingy on though! Otherwise he would have been eyeing up my ta-tas!

3. What TV show would you like to be on - Oprah, Biggest Loser, or What Not to Wear?

Um, none of the above?

I guess if I have to pick one, I’d go with Oprah. But only if she was talking about amazing, wonderful, fabulous, got-it-all-together kind of moms or something like that. Or if I invented some revolutionary cool product that was a must have in every household and I was now a gazillionaire philanthropist. Yeah, that’d be cool.

Although if I'm being honest with myself, I'd probably be on What Not to Wear.  Considering I spend most of my days in either jeans and a t-shirt or my comfy sweats.

4. Would you ever get plastic surgery and what kind?

I’ve thought about it many times.

Before I had kids, if I had had the money, I would have gotten a nose job. No questions asked.

Now that I have 3 little angels watching my every move to see how to do things? Nope. I wouldn’t want them to learn from me that if you don’t like something physical about yourself that you can just pay someone to change it. Not a good message to send your kiddos.

5. What are your favorite jeans to wear?

The ones that currently fit me.  Since I'm trying to lose 30 pounds (20 to go!), I refuse to buy more clothes in my current size.  Although I might have to break down and visit the second-hand store just to snag another pair or two to hold me over.  I have about a dozen pair of jeans in the next smaller size that are just waiting for me to fit into them!

So there you have it!  A few more things about me that you probably didn't know.  And some useless information to clutter up your brain!  :)

You're welcome!  :)

Happy Friday y'all!


Laura said...

hahahahahaha LOVE your embarrassed moment haha.

And love your answer about the plastic surgery. Plus your nose if fine. :)

Sheri said...

I had a moment sort of like that. I had a button up shirt, only rather than buttons it was snaps. I LOVED that shirt, until one day in class we were all messing around and a male friend grabbed my shirt and pop pop pop all of the snaps came undone. I really think he and all of the other guys were more shocked than I was.

kathryn said...

Love your 5 things! I know what you mean about sending a positive body image...'specially with your having a beautiful little girl...

Yeah, go with Oprah! You'll be wildly successful and we'll all say that "we knew you...when!"