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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A beautious spring-like day!

We've been so wrapped up with Keira's surgery that we haven't taken much time to go out and enjoy this wonderful spring-like weather we've been having.  It was at least 60 degrees today, so Alex, Jordan, Honey and I went out to play!  How good that sunshine felt on my face.

I haven't posted many pics lately, so brace yourself.  :) 

We started our outdoor fun with the trampoline. 

Next we kicked the soccer ball around a while ...

Then we moved on to the swings ...

Jordan has learned how to swing herself now and she can go really high!  She's so proud of herself!
(Yes, that is mud under the swings.  One of the bad things about spring.)

Honey decided to hang out in a patch of snow that is left.  Cooling down I guess.

Lastly, Honey and I played a game of tug with a big stick.

I hear there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow, so I'm glad we were able to get outside today!

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