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Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted some pics of my growing young'ns, so brace yourself for some photos!  :)  Just a few, I promise!

We ran a few errands this morning (yeah, me with all 3 kids - yoy!) and afterward came home, packed a lunch, and went to our church so the kids could ride their bikes in the parking lot.  Doug is working midnight shift this week, so I try to take the kids somewhere so he can catch some ZZZZZZZ's.

First up is Alex on his cute little bike ... that he is outgrowing already
He just got this bike for Christmas!

Nick riding his bike that he got for Christmas.

I have to mention how very proud I am of Nicholas!  Santa brought training wheels for Nick's bike, but they wouldn't fit.  I guess because his bike is too big.  (You would think Santa's elves would have known that!  :) )  Anyway, he's been afraid to try to ride it without training wheels. 

Last weekend when his friend Will slept over, he brought his bike and inspired Nick to try riding his.  He poked around in the back yard a while.  Getting frustrated and stomping off every once in a while, but always coming back to try again. 

Today when we were packing up the bikes to take to the church, he wanted to take Keira's old purple one that has the training wheels.  I told him he needed to take his bike so he could try riding it.  (Mean mom that I am.)  He wasn't too happy with me, but he agreed.  I explained that he would never learn to ride it if he didn't try.

So he tried ... and tried ... and tried.  He fell over many times, but 10 minutes after we arrived, I took this pic!  And by the time we were ready to come home, he wanted to race Keira!  See the big smile on his face in the above pic?  He's so excited to be riding his bike!  And I'm so proud of him for not giving up!

As I'm posting this, I'm realizing that I didn't take any pictures of Keira riding her bike.  I guess she's too fast for my camera!  :)  Poor girl!  I'll have to take some of her later.

Have a great Saturday!


Laura said...

GREAT pictures!! That one of Alex is perfect!

Kimberly said...

Thanks, Laura! It is SOOC! No editing needed! How cool (and unusual) is that?!