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Friday, March 12, 2010

Five Question Friday!

Time again for Five Question Friday!  It's been a while since I participated in Mama M.'s 5QF, I thought I'd jump in today!

1. How much time do you spend on the computer a day?
Most days ... too much.  Some days ... not much at all.  I guess it depends on my mood.  I try to limit my 'puter time to first thing in the morning (checking my emails) or when Alex is napping in the afternoon or at night after everyone is in bed.  Once I get my laptop, I'm sure I'll spend even more time on it.  Since I'll be more mobile.  :)

2. Will you pay for your children's college or raise them to pay for their own way?
Well, we're following Dave Ramsey's baby steps, so I know we'll start putting money away for their college funds when we get to that step (currently working on step 3).  Keira will probably have to work during college since she's already 11 and we haven't started her fund yet.  The boys have a better chance of having most of the educations paid for.

We are raising them with the understanding that you work to get what you want.  No allowances in this house.  We pay commissions based on work they have done.  So hopefully by the time they get to college, they will already have a good work ethic.  And if not, I guess they'll be hungry a lot!  :)

3. Have you ever been in a car accident?
Several.  I can remember a couple as a kid.  A drunk ran a stop sign and hit the driver's side of my dad's truck.  My sister, brother, and I were with my dad ... not buckled in, of course, as was the norm back then.  I hit my mouth off of the dash and split open the inside of my mouth with my bottom teeth.  I got to eat a lot of popsicles for a while after that.  No one was seriously hurt, thankfully.

Another time we were on our way home from the grocery store.  My dad (again!) was driving and as we were heading around a bend, another car came quickly around on our side, so my dad ran into the bank to avoid hitting the other car.  No one was hurt again, but the loaf of bread that I was holding on my lap got completely squished.

Then about 3 weeks after Doug and I were married, I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's house (he was still single then).  I was bringing things from my apartment to his house since he didn't really have what was needed for a big meal.  I baked two pumpkin pies and placed the warm, yummy pies in a box lid and put them on the passenger side floor of my king-cab pickup (I had a little black Ford Ranger). 

It had snowed a little and about a mile from my brother's house, I hit an icy patch and lost control of my truck (no, I wasn't driving too fast!  really!).  (Doug was going to put the sandbags in the back of my truck later that day, so I had some weight in the back.)  I ended up driving it up an enbankment and landing on my driver's side.  I climbed out the passenger side window and ran to the closest neighbor (which wasn't all that close).  I called my brother to help me out.  Between the neighbor (can't remember his name) and my brother, they got my truck back on its tires and, after making sure it was at least driveable, my brother drove it to his house and parked it in his garage.

My back and neck started hurting a few hours later.  But the thing that I was most upset about was the fact that the inside of my beautiful little truck was covered in pumpkin pie!  And we had none to eat after our dinner that night.  :(   I ended up having to visit my chiropractor quite often for several months after that.

4. What is your favorite book?
I don't know that I have a favorite book, but I do have a couple favorite authors.  Janet Evanovich tops the list with Nicholas Sparks coming in next.  I'm currently enjoying Healing Waters by Nancy Rue & Stephen Arterburn.  And I love me some Dr. Suess!

5. Do you make your bed everyday?
Yes, I do.  It's a FlyLady thing.  Along with shining my sink.  My bedroom just looks so much neater with a made bed.  And it really only takes about a minute to straighten up the covers and put on the pretty pillows.

So there are a few things about me that I'm sure you were just dying to know!  Link up and play along if you'd like!

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