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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Hop, Skip, Jump Cat by Keira

I was reading through Keira's writing journal for school today before recycling it ... *gasp*  Yes, I do actually throw school papers out!  I can't possibly keep everything! ... and a couple of the stories she wrote I found to be noteworthy.  Here is one of them:

The writing prompt was: 
Write a story about the origin of the expression "just a hop, a skip, and a jump from here."  Make the main character an animal.

Keira's response:
The Hop, Skip, Jump Cat
There once was a cat named Catlina Saprina Terina Fertina Sirina.  Instead of calling her by  her very long name, they called her The H, S, J Cat, short for The Hop, Skip, Jump Cat.  They call her that because every time she went out she took one step hopping, next step skipping, and last step jumping.  That's why you always hear the saying "just a hop, a skip, and a jump from here."

The cat's name cracked me up.  I just love her imagination!


kathryn said...

What a smart, imaginative young lady you've got there, Kim! Is that one of the one journal entries you saved? I try and save the "best of the best" (of course, it's the ones I love the best) and put those away...it's my compromise. Sounds like she loves to write...and that she's very good at it!

I'll bet she could win some serious contests!

Laura said...

I love it!