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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Not one to normally toot my own horn, so please bear with me a moment.  :)

I totally ROCK!!!

I went to the gym this morning ... not really feeling like running ... figuring I would repeat Monday's performance of walk 5 minutes, run 5 minutes, walk 3, run 5, walk 3, run 5 ... instead of the walk 5, run 8, walk 5, run 8 that was scheduled for today (according to the Couch to 5K schedule).  I didn't really think I was ready to run for 8 minutes straight.


When I was almost done with my first 5 minute-run, I felt pretty good.  I thought I'd try another minute.  Still feeling pretty good.  I'll try another minute.  Still good.  So I ended up running the 8 minutes!!!

Then after switching treadmills so I could be beside my friend, Lisa, who met me at the gym today (Laura was riding the stationery bike, in case you were wondering), I walked the 5 then ran the last 8 minutes!  And she ran with me!

How cool is that?!  I totally didn't think I could do it!  Until I was actually doing it!

The only downside to this running thing ... other than my aching calves ... is that I am wore out when I get home.  I feel like I need to take an afternoon nap, like I felt way back when I first started exercising.  Plus it didn't help that when I stepped out of my car at home this morning, my neighbor a couple houses down was burning and the smoke was wafting straight towards my house.  It hit me and I immediately got a headache!  Ugh!  (Advil isn't even helping).

Anyway, Friday's agenda is supposed to be the 5 minute warm up walk and then run for 20 minutes.  Straight.  No intervals.  Yoy! 

However, the gym is closed Friday, so I'm not sure what my plan is yet.  I really don't think I'm ready to run the full 20 minutes yet, but I'm willing to try.  I just need to figure out what to do with my young'ns while I run.  A friend offered to keep them for me, so I just need to see if that offer still stands.  And I need to find a good place to run where I won't be plowed over by a car like I would if I ran on my busy road.

Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

That is so awesome!!!!!!! That you did the 8 minutes when you didn't think you would!!! You, go! :) :)