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Monday, March 15, 2010

Random ramblings

I don't really have a particular topic for today, but I do have a bunch of little stuff swirling around in my head, so here goes!  I'll probably forget most of it before I'm done.  :)
I feel good! 

You may recall my recent blog post about the fact that I hate to run but I'm doing this Couch to 5K running thing with my friend, Laura.  I told her I would try it for 3 weeks and if I was still really super sore, I was done - going back to aerobics or the crossramp.  I thought that was fair, don't you?

Well, we started week 3 today and I feel good!  We ran 90 seconds, walked 90 seconds, ran 3 minutes, walked 3 minutes, then rinse and repeat.  Oh no, sorry, that's what it says on shampoo bottles.  Why do you need to repeat?  Does their shampoo suck that bad that you need to wash your hair twice?

But I digress ... I meant that you repeated that series of running/walking ... but you already knew that, didn't you?

Anyway, it is sort of hard to get started, but once I get going, I'm actually beginning to enjoy running.  Yes, you read that right!  I'm enjoying running!  Wow!  And running with Laura really helps!  Because I'm accountable to her and not just me.

We ran on treadmills today but we couldn't get 2 side by side and Laura didn't think I should ask this guy to move over one.  Humph!  :)  It was a good workout.  The numbers on my scale aren't falling as quickly as I would like, but I feel more fit somehow.  It is sort of crazy.  My leg muscles feel more defined, my jeans are looser, I just feel good.

Now if I can just get this eating thing right.  Although I did pretty good today.   I even resisted the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream that is calling for me from my freezer.  :)
The Cactus

When I was tucking Alex in for his nap this afternoon, he told me that a girl had a cactus on her foot.

Me:  What girl?

Alex:  At the Y.

Me:  She had a cactus on her foot?

Alex:  Yes.  She said she broke her leg and she needed to wear a cactus.

Me:   Aaaaaah.  I see.  You mean a cast.

Alex:  Nooooo, a cactus.

Me:  Uh-huh.  Have a good nap buddy.

Sometimes it is just easier not to argue.  He's so darn cute sometimes.
Biking/Dave Ramsey

Doug mentioned today that he might go biking on Wednesday up at Moraine on the bike trail since it will be nice and he doesn't have to work (so far).  I told him I might borrow Keira's bike (since I don't have one) and join him.  If I feel up to it since Laura and I will be C25King on Wednesday morning.   But we'd have to ask my friend, Jody, if she could watch Alex.  He has a bike too, but he's not ready for the bike trail yet.

Later Doug was looking through the sales ads from the weekend newspaper and saw a bike cart for sale at Target or somewhere.

"Hey, we should get this [for Alex]."  He said to me.  My reply, "We didn't budget for that this month."  He simply said "Okay" and put the paper in the recycle bin.

So you're thinking, uh ... big deal!  But it is!  I'm the spender!  I'm the one who is usually going, "Hey, we should get this!"  To which his reply would be, "We didn't budget for it this month."  And I would walk away all hurt and rejected and try to come up with a way to move some numbers around so I could buy whatever it was and not go over budget.

This is awesome!  I'm having a breakthrough or something!   This Dave Ramsey stuff is really working!  I love it!
Nicholas has become quite the popular fellow lately.  He has been to 2 different birthday parties the past 2 Sundays and he had a friend call Saturday to see if he could come over to play with Nick.

My 6-year-old is loving all this attention.  When I picked him up yesterday after the party was done, the birthday boy's parents were telling me how entertaining Nicholas is. 

"He's quite the talker," the dad said.

"Yeah, tell me about it.  He never shuts up."  I replied.  :)

Birthday Boy's mom finds him quite humorous.

When I asked him later how Birthday Boy liked the gift he gave him, he said, "Aw, he loved it!  He said it was the best gift ever!"  Somehow I don't believe him, but if he wants to believe that, I'm not going to burst his bubble.

I tell him all the time ... "Your eyes are brown!"  The first couple times I said that he had no idea what I meant.  He does indeed have brown eyes (see picture in my header), but I mean that he's full of it.  When he starts telling me one of his fish stories, I tell him his eyes are brown.  That way he knows I know he's, um, stretching the truth a bit.  :)

Back in November Laura captured the look Nick gets on his face when you catch him stretching the truth ...

Seriously, he get this goofy smile and then usually admits he was "kidding".

With St. Patrick's Day coming up on Wednesday, he spent all evening trying to construct a leprechaun trap.  He's determined to catch one and take his pot of gold.

My life is certainly not boring with these boys around.


Laura said...

I loved this post. It made me laugh!

Good for you on the Dave Ramsey stuff!

Cactus? hahahahahahahahaha.

And that pic of Nick is one of my favorites. :)

Melissa said...

This post was adorable! I loved it all!

I'm so glad you're enjoying running! I was anxious to see if you'd start getting shin splints & then laura would be on her own! HAHA. Glad you are enjoying it!

And way to go on the budgeting!!!!

Your son is precious!

Jenn said...

Hey- Wondering if I can pick your brain regarding linking on blogspot? Let me know your email and we can talk there is you don't mind. Thanks so much! By the way I LOVE the cactus!!! Love, Jenn