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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


All play today.  Well, mostly play.

I did very little work today.  At least it seems that way.  Here's how my day went ...

I got up early and did my No Excuses strength training before the kids got up and Jordan arrived. 
Got myself and everyone ready. 
Out the door to school. 
Dropped everyone off where they were supposed to be. 
Got a long-overdue adjustment at the chiropractor.
Dropped some donations off at Goodwill.
Put gas in my car.
Dropped donated books off at the public library.
Picked up a couple books for Keira while there.
Still had an hour left before having to pick the kids up from Preschool, so I went to the gym and rode the stationery bike for 20 minutes (after talking to my friend, Kiersten for about 10).
Picked Alex and Jordan up at Preschool.
Came home and made/had lunch.
Swish and swiped the bathroom.
Went outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warmer temps.
Decided to pick up sticks and pine cones and whatever else was in the yard that wasn't supposed to be there.
Jordan helped ... enthusiastically!
Alex helped a little ... reluctantly.
Played with the kids and dog.
Came in to get a drink and lay the kids down for their nap.  (Paid them first for all their hard work - Jordan 6 quarters, Alex 2 quarters ... fair for the amount of work each did).
Doug got home just in time for me to take Honey to the vet for her yearly shots.  (So I didn't have to drag two tired kids along with me).
Came home and finished reading my book.
Went outside and played.
Went to Chuck E. Cheese for our school's fundraiser night, which was really hard to do since it was so nice outside today - we didn't want to be inside.  But we went and had fun.

On a side note, I better never go to a casino because I would spend all my time and money at the slots machines.  CEC has this game where you pull a lever then push the big button to see what prize you won.  Most of the choices are 3 tickets, 5 tickets, ice cream, or cotton candy.  But there is one for 50 tickets and one for 100 tickets.  I must have used 30 tokens trying to win 100 tickets.  I was usually off by one spot and won 5 tickets each time.  It was addicting!  I can see how gambling can become so addicting!  Thankfully I'm not a gambler.  I don't even play the Powerball or anything.

Anyway, home again. 
Baths and homework.  (Nick conveniently forgot to do his before we went to CEC.  Thankfully he only had to practice spelling words and read for 10 minutes.)
Tuck the kiddos in.
Throw a load of laundry in.
Pack my bag for the gym tomorrow since I'll be showering there after my C25K walk/run.
Transfer pics from camera to 'puter.

See?  I didn't do much today.   :)
Tomorrow's another day.
Good night.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Sound like you've been busy. Even grabbed a workout for yourself. You go girl!!!