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Friday, April 16, 2010

Family Fun Night

Each year our elementary school's PTO, of which I am a member, hosts a Family Fun Night.  It is usually a free night where you can bring your kids and enjoy the time together.  In year's past we've created our own games (lots of work) or had Froggy in to play music.  This year we had the Carnegie Science Center come with their science experiments.  How cool!

There were 10 stations set up with a volunteer at each one.  Each display was different and showed things like how dirt is made from worm poop :), how electricity works, solar power, wind power, what pollution does to our water supplies, etc.  I wasn't able to help this year because Doug was working and someone needed to watch my kids (me!) to keep them out of trouble.  :)  But we went and enjoyed ourselves.  It was actually nice to be at a school function without having to work for a change.

The favorite table of my kids had to be the biodegradable packing peanuts table that my friend, Kiersten, was volunteering at.  Here's why ...

Apparently if you got one end of the peanut wet, you could stick it to your body.  :)

Even Kiersten joined in on the fun.  She's probably going to kill me when she finds out I put this pic on my blog.  :)  Thankfully she has a great sense of humor!

We did visit the other displays.  It is just that the peanuts were the most fun.  We even got to bring a small bag of peanuts home to play with.

Alex at the pollution display.  They sprinkled red Kool Aid on the display then sprayed water on it to show where the "pollution" ended up (in the lake killing the poor plastic goldfish).

Alex thought it was pretty cool that this ball lit up in his hand.  (It is hard to see in the picture but the ball had a red bulb in it.)

I realize most of the pics are of Alex.  That is because Keira and Nick were off doing their own thing while I hung out with Alex.  We met up a few times during the evening, but Keira and Nick were avoiding my camera most of the time.

Can't wait to see what we do next year!


*K* said...

So fun! Playing and learning at the same time always makes for a great time :) Your family is adorable!

Laura said...

Looks like a great time! Those packing peanuts are hilarious and I love that pic of Kiersten! Actually I love Kiersten period. She's great!

kathryn said...

What a wonderful idea! You know...you could market those "peanuts" and probably make a fortune. What with the "silly bands" craze going on here...