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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Hike and a Picnic

The kids are on spring break and the weather has been beautiful ... which is why I have been somewhat absent from the blogosphere.  We've been outside enjoying the gorgeous sunshine and warmer temps.  I've taken about a gazillion pics, so prepare to be bombarded with pictures the next few days!  :)

On Friday my friend, Laura, invited me and the kids to a hike and a picnic at McConnells Mills State Park.  (Our husbands were both working.)  The last time we were there was back in November when Laura took our family photos.  That time was also the first time the kids had ever been there (not sure why we never took them before).

As usual, I didn't tell the boys where we were going because they tend to drive me crazy before we even leave the house.  Nicholas especially.  He will go on ... and on ... and on about events he knows are coming up (like he is right now with his birthday).  I did tell Keira but she was sworn to secrecy.  :)

They were pretty excited when we arrived.  We got there a little earlier than Laura so the kids played on the swings/playground for a little while.  Once Laura and her kids and Laura's friend, Danielle arrived, it was off to the Hollow for an easy, kid-friendly hike.

Here are a few pics of our adventure ...

Keira hooked up with Liza right away.  She was so excited to have another girl to pal around with ... even if she is 8 years younger.  :)

I'm trying to take more "nature" photos.  Here's the stream we had to cross over several times on our way to the Hollow.  (Yes, there were bridges.)  :) 
Sweet little waterfall.

We tried to get a photo of all 5 kids.  Tried.  :)
Not the greatest with the bright sun directly overhead.

Alex balancing on a log.  Making me nervous.

Once we got to the Hollow, there was a cave for the kids (and adults) to check out.  (Alex and I are missing.  Me for obvious reasons; Alex because he was being stubborn and didn't want his picture taken.)

This cool tree trunk was at the bottom of the big waterfall in the Hollow.

Nicholas in all his cuteness.  That t-shirt is so fitting for his personality.  :)

Jason and Liza hanging out on a rock.  Aren't they the cutest?!

After our hike, we went back to the picnic/playground area and had our picnic.  Then we let the kids loose on the playground.

The kids wanted to go down to see the Mill, so we hiked down the hill when Laura and crew headed home.  We watched some kayakers making their way into the water, which was pretty cool.  On the way back up, Alex asked me to take his picture one more time (really!).

We had a fun time.  And no one had to go to the ER or anything!  :) 
Ya just never know sometimes with these guys.


Jenn said...

Looked like a super day. So much going on here. Maybe I'll blog about it. I want our days as peaceful as the photos you took today.

Melissa said...

What fun! Love all the pics! Your kids are cute & so are the Wick kiddos :)

Laura said...

Great pics! Fun times!! We will def have to do something like this again when the kids are out of school. :)